Swedish State TV lies – as always when it comes to Israel

A week ago the Hamas regime of Gaza fired seventy (70) missiles into civilian populations in southern Israel. Swedish public-service TV broadcaster SVT did not publish a single word about this on its Teletext news page.
Yesterday, Saturday 10 November was the Remembrance Day for Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass) when the Nazi regime of Germany launched its industrialised eradication of Europe’s Jews in 1938. And on Remembrance Day it happened again: Hamas fired an RPG missile at a vehicle in Israel, seriously injuring 4 soldiers. This was a day after Hamas exploded a massive bomb in a tunnel dug from Gaza into Israel. Still not a single word from SVT Teletext on either score.
This was followed up by more than 60 rockets and mortars fired from Gaza at civilian targets throughout southern Israel. One million civilian Israelis had to find shelter for the night. Still not a single word from SVT Teletext.
Israel responded to the attacks. That was when SVT Teletext first ran the story. Here’s how SVT Teletext decided to lie to its Swedish licence-payers (SVT is publicly funded through compulsory licence fees):

Israeli attack kills at least six people
Israeli mortars killed at least six Palestinians and injured 32 in eastern Gaza yesterday. The condition of several of the injured is reported to be critical.

At the end of SVT’s report we find the following absolutely stunning statement:

The fighting is said to be the most serious in almost three years.

70 rockets fired from Gaza on civilian targets in southern Israel just one week ago, a massive bomb in a tunnel 2 days ago lifted a Jeep 20 metres into the air and destroyed it, but SVT does not regard this as “serious fighting”. According to SVT, “fighting” only occurs when the Jewish state responds to a racist Islamist regime’s attacks, not when the racist Islamists launch 70 missiles against Jewish civilians.
Swedes who trace their roots to the Communist Soviet Union, Communist Poland and other hardline countries behind the Iron Curtain say they recognise this abuse of state media power to promote a predetermined political agenda. There is a macabre Pravda spirit hanging over SVT, a blend of outright lies, skillfully woven half-truths, and a total ban on all reporting of news that does not fit SVT’s political agenda.
Hamas proudly declares that its aim is to annihilate all Jews in the Middle East – in fact it says so clearly in the official Hamas charter. Hamas demonstrates its determination to do just that on the Remembrance Day for Kristallnacht, and like Goebbels’s Nazi propaganda ministry SVT Teletext obediently reverses the sequence of events, erases all news that does not fit in with its agenda and bakes truth in with lies to create its own reality for delivery to its licence-payers. Kristallnacht was carried out in 1938 under media collusion, media silence, media conspiracy. Now, 74 years later on the anniversary of that dreadful crime against humanity by a racist, anti-Semitic regime, SVT conspires with the same silence, the same distortion, the same lies to do the work of the modern-day descendants of those fanatics, those racists, those anti-Semites.
There’s no point asking SVT whether they are ashamed of their consistently disgraceful behaviour – the rot has set in too deep, the disease has had too long to mature. Rather, the question is when SVT’s behaviour will result in legal action? That SVT’s despicable actions can be allowed to continue without serious legal consequences is unthinkable – the precedent for inaction is just 74 years old, when Kristallnacht tore apart the very fabric of society, of democracy, of humanity, of civilisation, in the heart of Europe.
Does anyone have the funding necessary to bring a case against SVT? It’s not the fate of Swedish Jews that hangs in the balance – it’s the fate of democracy and civilisation in Europe and elsewhere, just 74 years after the last time the same sort of media collusion gave us death on an unimaginable scale.
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