Swedish FM Carl Bildt talks about "immaturity"!

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt has made a career out of protecting Islamists, using Swedish taxpayer funds to jet off to photo-ops with terror supporters, and shielding Islamists from the fallout of their own actions.
Most recently Carl Bildt was the only EU foreign minister to block heightened economic sanctions against Iran, whose regime openly advocates the destruction of UN member state Israel. Iran is currently acquiring suspected nuclear weapons technology for that purpose. 
An Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, revealed that Bildt may be advocating this soft stance on Iran for crass financial reasons – Sweden’s telecom giant Ericsson has a massive contract with Iran’s Irancell and Swedish jobs may be in the balance. Carl Bildt, whose level of adolescent immaturity can be judged by the fact that he conducts his nation’s foreign policy on Twitter, says “This is not how I think mature nations should interact with each other.”
He has registered his displeasure with the Israel Embassy in Stockholm and delivered a sharp admonition to Ambassador Isaac Bachman.
Remarkably, Bildt’s response to this story in the free press is totally at variance with his stance when Swedish mudslinging, borderline anti-Semitic, tabloid Aftonbladet published a fabricated “report” that the Israeli military routinely kills Palestinian Arabs in order to harvest their internal organs for lucrative trafficking. Back then Bildt upheld the freedom of the press to print what they like.
Changed days, eh Carl Bildt? A newspaper 3000 kilometres away prints an article and suddenly Bildt is all concerned about the freedoms that go with freedom of the press. My my!