Antisemitism in Malmö, Sweden

 A snapshot of Sweden today.
Watch this film – it shows a small part of the reality that is Sweden today: the anti-Semitism, the increasingly strident and open Islamist hostility towards Jews, the political silence, the media collusion, and the increasingly embattled situation for this country’s Jewish minority.
Malmö, southern Sweden, 2012: the Jews are fleeing a city and a country in which they have lived for 250 years.
Meantime, Malmö’s mayor, the left-wing Ilmar Reepalu, who has previously demanded that Jews reject Zionism and stop supporting the Jewish state as a condition for being accorded the privilege of living without fear of attack in his city, now says that he is saddened by the continuing attacks on his city’s Jews because it harms his city’s “brand image”. He’s not concerned that the violence harms his Jewish citizens, who pay municipal taxes to keep him in office. The violence harms Malmö’s “brand image”.
Reepalu may want to reflect on the image created by his tireless efforts. He has still failed to call a spade a spade by identifying the source of the increasing wave of anti-Semitic attacks – his city’s Islamist extremists.