Shipping armchair revolutionaries to Gaza

Let’s get this right:
The UN upholds the legality of Israel’s blockade of the Hamas regime (Hamas itself maintains it is at war with the Jewish state).
The EU says Israel’s blockade is legal – and necessary.
Israel insists its blockade is essential – otherwise the 12,000 missiles fired so far from Gaza into southern Israel will more than double.
Egypt under Islamist President Morsi is forcibly closing down the Hamas tunnels between Sinai and Gaza that circumvent the blockade to import rockets and other armaments into Gaza.
Now none other than Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas demands that the Gaza smuggling tunnels – which Hamas operates to evade the blockade – be closed down so as to make Israel’s blockade more effective.
And still Sweden’s “Ship to Gaza” useful idiots are setting sail from comfortable, far-off Sweden to try and break the blockade.
Is there no language these idiots understand, not even the Arabic of Palestinian President Abbas?
Talk about being out of touch with reality!