Egypt: "There is no Palestine!"

Following Sunday’s bloody Islamist slaughter that left 16 Egyptian soldiers dead, Egypt’s patience with the extremist Hamas regime of Gaza and with the Palestinian Arabs in general has evaporated.
“There is nothing called Palestine, Palestinians are traitors!” shouts an Egyptian to widespread public applause. See the video below. Only well-paid, impeccably attired bureaucrats peddling their worn-out theories and tired ideologies in the air-conditioned corridors of the UN and EU – people who take home massive salaries every month from public coffers – persist in thinking otherwise. Of course they know best…

Meantime, Israel continues as usual to pursue its usual course of humanitarian aid on behalf of the Gaza Arabs, despite the fanatical Islamist regime they voted into power: Gaza’s Hamas regime is led by¬†extremist Islamist Ismael Haniyeh, whose official goal is the violent destruction of the world’s only¬†Jewish state, to be replaced by the world’s 23rd Arab and 52nd Muslim state of ‘Palestine’. Despite this, Israel did not hesitate to give Haniyeh’s brother-in-law free medical care at Beilinson Hospital in Israel when he suffered what would otherwise have been a fatal heart condition.
This happened in April 2012. Of course, you wouldn’t expect the BBC, the Guardian or the Independent to report this – it would risk showing the Jewish state in far too good – and honest – a light.
What an upside-down world we live in: Muslim Egyptians are enraged at Muslim Islamists in Gaza over their indiscriminate violence (but only when it affects Muslim victims), the Muslim Egyptians have closed all border crossings to Gaza and are smashing all the smuggling tunnels under the border between Egypt and Gaza. At the same time, however, the Jewish state of Israel is the sole provider of all supplies to the civilian population of the terror enclave in the Gaza Strip, with steadily increasing responsibility for hospital treatment of leading terrorists and their family members, often people injured while attempting to kill Israeli civilians with bombs and rockets that explode prematurely.
A strange world indeed. One that merits absolutely no comment in the mainstream press.