Pallywash in a theatre near you

In Syria, where the country’s Muslim dictator is slaughtering his own citizens on a massive scale, the fatalities now total around 20,000.
In Muslim countries like Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia women are routinely murdered in what are euphemistically called “honour killings” after they have been brutally raped, surprisingly often by members of their own families.
In Muslim Iraq, Sunni Muslims are slaughtered by Shia Muslims, and Shia Muslims massacre Sunni Muslims. In Pakistan both Sunni and Shia join forces to murder Ahmadiya Muslims.
In Muslim Egypt, more specifically in Sinai, Palestinian Arab Hamas terrorists join forces with other Islamists to kill no less than 16 Muslim Egyptian soldiers as a first step towards an even bigger slaughter of Jews in Israel. The second part of their plan failed.
In Muslim Egypt the country’s indigenous Christian Copts are fleeing after the extremist Muslim Brotherhood came to power. This is the same Egypt where the acme of prime-time TV entertainment is a local take on “Candid Camera” in which unsuspecting punters are duped into beating up people suspected of being Jews, all done to the immense acclaim of the TV station’s staff.
In Muslim Mali the local Al Qaeda forces are engaged in totally destroying all Muslim symbols, including cemeteries, that do not strictly conform to their own narrow interpretation of Sharia (total allegiance and literal adherence to outmoded Muslim laws that most modern Muslims find repugnant).
At the same time Sweden is being increasingly seen as a reliable and safe bolt-hole for a variety of radical Islamist terrorists – Swedish journalist Gudmundson writes at length on this subject (in Swedish) here and here and here.
But none of this matters to Sweden’s increasingly state-subsidised horde of armchair revolutionaries, ideologists without either ideas or relevance, useful idiots on the extreme Left, and fanatical Islamists. While all this misery is taking place in the Muslim world and even in the West (read here and here about recent “honour killings” in Britain), and while millions and yet more millions of Muslims are suffering under the relentless yoke of Islamism, the multi-million propaganda jippo that is called “Ship to Gaza” is today holding – wait for it, you’re really going to enjoy this one – a costly, star-studded entertainment show in a large theatre in Gothenburg, Sweden. It’s aim: to raise funds for the Islamists of Gaza whose aim is to crush democracy, prevent equal rights for women, smash political diversity in Palestinian Arab society and support state-sponsored anti-Semitism. All while Islamism continues to harvest more innocent lives than ever before.
Ship to Gaza: talk about an own goal!
That’s what happens when obsession gains the upper hand over sensibility, principle, truth and honour.
Useful link:  Palmer Report exonerates Israel’s handling of Mavi Marmara