Israeli Parliamentarian Haneen Zoabi: sedition or treason?

Anti-Semitic and anti-Israel MK Haneen Zoabi is at it again: now she is blaming the civilian Israeli victims for the terror attack in Bulgaria that took their lives. They are guilty and deserving of death because they are citizens of the Jewish state, according to Zoabi.
At what stage does sedition become treason or high treason in a time of ongoing armed conflict? If Rabbi Meir Kahane and his political party Kach were banned owing to allegations of racism, how is it that Zoabi and her Balad anti-Semitic and anti-Israel political party are allowed to continue operating?
Zoabi needs to be escorted to the political entity that she openly claims to represent: the nascent “state of Palestine”. Let her pursue her political aspirations there.
Here’s what confirmed anti-Semite Haneen Zoabi has to say on the slaughter of Jewish civilians by Islamist fanatics in Bulgaria:

 “Israel is not a victim, and even when civilians are killed, the occupying Israeli policy is to blame.”

 “If there was no occupation, no repression and no blockade, then this wouldn’t have happened.”

All of which makes it very difficult for Zoabi to explain Palestinian Arab massacres of Israeli Jews prior to 1967 when the “occupation” started (following Jordan’s illegal occupation and annexation of Judea & Samaria, also known as the West Bank), or Palestinian Arab massacres of Palestinian Jews during the Mandate era prior to the re-establishment of the State of Israel in 1948. The Hebron massacre of 1929, when 69 unarmed Jewish civilians were slaughtered by Arabs for being Jewish, is just one such case. Even the notoriously anti-Israel BBC recognises the racist Muslim Arab slaughter of Jews as nothing other than a xenophobically fuelled massacre.
Zoabi is a corrupting influence on the political scene. She lives solely to dissent, abusing the freedoms she has in the Jewish state and knowing full well she would not be able to enjoy even a tiny percentage of these freedoms in any Arab state. Especially not the nascent “Palestine” whose Palestinian Authority under Holocaust-denying President Mahmoud Abbas routinely imprisons and kills journalists, political opponents and Christians and openly declares that “Islam will be the official religion” of his state, should it ever manage to coerce the world into financing it – because the Palestinian Arabs have no intention whatsoever of actually WORKING to establish their state. That sounds just too much like hard work. Interestingly, the Arab world is studiously ignoring the PA’s spoiled-brat demands for more, more, more while the only country actually aiding the PA is Israel! A fact that Haneen Zoabi conveniently ignores.
It is admittedly a great advert for Israeli democracy that even a racist hatemonger like Haneen Zoabi is allowed the freedom to express her opinions, but it is time to consider whether in fact the modest benefits of this openness are not far outweighed by the poison she spreads on a daily basis.
Blaming civilian Jewish holidaymakers for their own deaths at the hands of Islamist extremists crosses every imaginable red line. Zoabi should have her immunity revoked (it’s been done to her before) and she should be expelled to Ramallah. Let Abbas embrace her – after all she is Muslim so in his eyes she’s kosher (pardon the expression).