Whither Egypt?

The one firm truth about the Middle East is that the truth changes with alarming speed and regularity.
It all usually depends on which despot, regime, fanatic or extremist is in the ascendancy at any given moment, and which racist, mass-murderer, dictator or relgious theocracy has been deoposed or alternatively murdered its way to the top most recently.
Read here an up-to-date article by former Israeli ambassador to Egypt Zvi Mazel on the current situation in Israel’s southern neighbour Egypt. The focus is on the Muslim Brotherhood and other unsavoury extremist movements even further off the chart. The Middle East Forum (MEF) also has an excellent analysis of the Muslim Bortherhood. Visit Debka File for more in-depth analysis of the Muslim Brotherhood.
Click here for an short video on what Middle East expert Daniel Pipes has to say about the Muslim Brotherhood, and read here his more in-depth analysis on the same subject in light of what has been termed the “Arab Spring” but which seems to be more of an “Arab Spring, Muslim Winter“.