UN inaction costs lives by the thousands

But that doesn’t really matter – UN publicly funded salaries are still paid out regularly so what are a few thousand civilian lives in Syria in the wider financial context, after all?
With something like 10,000 deaths in Syria – systematic regime massacres of civilians would be a more accurate description – already documented, the UN continues to do what it does best: ignoring bestiality on the part of Arab and/or Muslim regimes, while focusing with admirable tenacity on any Jew who wants to remodel his kitchen in Jerusalem. 
The UN has far outlived its usefulness. It has long served merely as a forum for distributing public funding both to despotic regimes and easily bought bureaucrats. The latter get their fat – tax-funded – salaries every single month irrespective of the mayhem, destruction and death they leave in their wake.
The UN needs to be closed down.
Then opened under a new umbrella, with membership open only to democratic states. Anything else is just deliberate – and hugely expensive – mockery of civilisation’s most basic principles.
Pat Condell puts it very neatly indeed in the video below. Among much else, he says with absolute clarity “I wouldn’t trust the UN to run a lemonade stand without thousands of people being needlessly killed“.