Naked racism

Look at the video below. It was recorded in Luton, England.
Imagine walking around in public and openly claiming that anyone with a different religion to yours deserved to – and would – be burned to death for this ‘affront’.
Incitement to racial hatred? Incitement to commit murder? Threats in a public place? Contravention of the Public Order Act of 1986?
Actually, none of the above. Not if you are a Muslim racist extremist and live in Great Britain.
God help us – and I’m referring to the merciful God that we all recognise from the Judeo-Christian tradition, not the version so enthusiastically embraced by these racist extremists.
It is, incidentally, the same merciful God that the vast majority of Muslims are said to venerate, only they are forced to keep quiet about this out of fear of being targeted as ‘unbelievers’¬†for their ‘blasphemy’ – by these very same racist extremists who claim to be part of the same ‘religion of peace’.
It’s a picture of modern multiculturalism that has been infected by the greatest, most insidious disease of modern times: PCS, Political Correctness Syndrome. Devastating silence, searing naivety and dumb acceptance while the fabric of our society unravels before our very eyes.