Death in the Sinai Desert

Here’s something you won’t find Sweden’s infamous ‘reporter’ Donald Boström writing about, or Sweden’s infamous daily newspaper Aftonbladet publishing:
The Sinai Bedouin engage in systematic – and documented – racism against black Africans, both Muslim and Christian, including rape, torture, human trafficking, drug peddling, organ harvesting and murder on an industrial scale.
CNN reporter Fred Pleitgen has made a truly disturbing documentary about a massive disgrace that the world community is keeping under wraps:
The documentary is divided into a number of clips, but all the clips are available via the above link.
Black Africans, Muslim and Christian alike, who risk everything in order to get to the only country where they can count on decent treatment.
The Jewish State of Israel.
Spread this documentary far and wide. A lot of lives depend on it. Not the sort of lives that UNESCO, the UN Security Council, the Red Cross, the EU via its myriad funding organisations or even the Church cares about, because they are after all “just” black African lives. But lives nonetheless. The CNN deserves an accolade for producing this documentary, and hundreds of thousands of Africans deserve your help in publicising their fate.