The Palestinians don't lie

The Palestinian Arabs and their collaborators in the West don’t lie.
At least, not always.
Yesterday they fired 48 missiles into civilian populations in southern Israel. One of their anti-tank missiles deliberately targeted a school bus, critically injuring one schoolchild.
Today so far they have fired 18 missiles into civilian populations in southern Israel.
This is entirely in line with established, documented, and openly declared official Palestinian policy.
The Palestinian Arabs are not lying when they say their aim is twofold: Their first aim is to ethnically cleanse all Palestinian Arab territory of Jews. This has already been achieved in the Palestinian Hamas state of Gaza, which is totally judenrein with the exception of the illegally incarcerated Israeli Gilad Schalit, who was kidnapped from inside Israel 5 years ago while still in his teens.¬†Ethnic cleansing is also proudly declared as official “state” policy by President Mahmoud Abbas for his hoped-for Palestinian Fatah state in the Jewish provinces of Judea and Samaria. Not only that, the Palestinian President has also refused to recognise Israel as a Jewish state.
Well, that truth needs to be qualified. In actual fact, there are two Palestinian “Presidents” just as there are two “Palestines”, one in Gaza and the other in Judea & Samaria – in addition to the already existing and internationally recognised Palestinian state of Jordan, which has its own President. Confused? You should be – little about official Palestinian Arab policy makes sense to civilised and democratic minds.
The second aim of the Palestinian Arabs is to erase the entire state of Israel.
Hear the Palestinians and their collaborators say so in their own words, and see their actions for yourself. Here is a short film entitled “The Palestinian Wall of Lies”. They may be lying as part of their tactics, but they are being perfectly open about their wishes and goals and the tools they use. Pay particular attention to their chant “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free”. It’s a chant with worldwide reverberation, from London to New Jersey to San Francisco. And it’s no lie – it’s what they want, advertise and finance. In plain English, the destruction of the sovereign Jewish state of Israel.

Lies? What lies? The Palestinian Arabs and their collaborators are being perfectly honest about their intentions.