The EU- and UN-financed war against Israel continues

A short while ago Palestinian terrorists from the Fatah government in Ramallah detonated a massive bomb in central Jerusalem. Thus far, reports indicate 1 death and 25 casualties, of which 3 critical.
This latest Palestinian atrocity comes the same day as the Palestinians’ second government, the one run by Hamas in Gaza, fired a number of rockets at civilian Jews in the Israeli city of Beersheba.
Which in turn comes a couple of days after the Palestinians’ second government in Gaza fired a number of rockets at civilian Jews in the Israeli city of Ashkelon.
This in turn comes one day after the Palestinians’ second government in Gaza fired 50 mortar shells  at civilian Jews in villages and towns in southern Israel.
Which in turn comes just a few days after Palestinian terrorists from the Palestinians’ other government, the Fatah one based in Ramallah, slaughtered a Jewish Israeli family including their infant child in the village of Itamar.
All this violence and barbarism is only possible thanks to no-strings-attached, generous financial endowments to the Palestinians’ two governments by the EU and the UN. Massive financial grants made without even minimal requirements in the form of a cessation of state-financed hatred in schools, mosques and the media, without any demand for an end to official sanctioned anti-Semitic propaganda, and definitely without making this aid conditional on a total and permanent cessation of all acts of violence against civilians.
If you are a citizen of any country that is a member of the UN – and let’s face it, even Libya is a member of the UN and Gaddafi was even elected by the UN to the chair of the UN Commission on Human Rights (!) – then the taxes you pay are used to finance this ongoing barbarity against a UN member state, Israel.
If in addition you are a citizen of an EU member nation, congratulations: you’re paying a second time to support the Palestinians’ two governments in Ramallah and Gaza City as they continue their frontal assault on the Jewish state. That is because the EU is a massive donor to Palestinian well-being – the sort of well-being that gives them the time and the resources to continue with their lethal belligerence against Jews. With official sanction, official funding.
And if in addition you are Swedish, then you are to be congratulated once again: because out of the massive taxes you pay every year, a healthy portion is siphoned off to SIDA, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, which in turn uses the funds to support the Palestinians’ two governments. The governments that sanction the sort of barbaric acts against civilians witnessed today in Jerusalem.
The funds are given without any demands for reciprocity whatsoever.
It is therefore time for civil disobedience on a massive international scale: only pay your taxes into a locked account at your county administrative board or equivalent body. In Sweden at least this is a legal procedure in the event of disagreement and is allowed throughout any process of arbitration until a solution has been reached. You are not breaking the law because you are paying your taxes, but the government cannot touch the funds until it resolves your grievances. So in the meantime it is without this source of income – which after all doesn’t even get spent on citizens of your own country. Find out how to do this in your own country.
And start preventing your government from continuing to use your taxes to fund massive financial and diplomatic support for Palestinian genocidal barbarism. Don’t back off until your government, the EU and the UN all impose absolute, unequivocal demands for reciprocity from the Palestinians, however many governments they choose to have.