What if…

… the Arab world had recognised Israel in 1948?
The world – in particular the Arab world – would have looked very different indeed. Hundreds of thousands of Arabs butchered by their own leaders or used as cannon fodder would still be alive today, and regional democracy – 63 years old this year – would have flourished right across the Middle East, not just in the region’s only democratic country, the Jewish state of Israel.
Read here the views of Abdulateef Al-Mulhim on the subject. He is a retired Commodore of the Royal Saudi Navy.
To see how the mistakes, aggressions and warmongering of 1948 are still being pursued in 2011, read here about the 50 mortars launched by the Hamas government of Gaza against civilians in Israel, and see below a short film clip of the weapons being supplied to prosecute the permanent war against the Jewish state.

The UN has adopted a tough diplomatic and military stance against despicable secular dictators in Egypt and Libya. But consistently gives despicable Islamist dictators in Iran, Gaza and Lebanon a free rein.
The Islamist world is watching and learning. And growing stronger by the day while the West continues to bury its head in the sand.