Regime change to oust leader who brutalises civilians

There is now a massive and broad-based UN military action to oust a regime that has made a habit of attacking civilians. There is even Arab backing for the military action. The aim is not just to protect innocent civilians, but to actively get rid of a regime guilty of vicious attacks against civilians and replace it with a civilised government.
All well and good. Exactly as it should be, in fact.
Except that we’re talking about Libya and its brutal and (most likely clinically insane) leader, Muammar Gaddafi. In his determination to stay in power come what may, Gaddafi has been attacking his own people using snipers, mortars and rockets. He’s been doing it for almost a month, which is 30 days too many for the UN, who rushed through emergency legislation allowing the world body to mount a military operation to punish Gaddafi for his attacks on defenceless civilians and oust him from power. The mandate is to rid Libya of Gaddafi.
Well done, the UN.
Today, 50 mortar rounds landed amid the civilian population. This is in addition to the more than 12,000 rockets, mortars and other missiles (of which almost 9,000 are rockets) that have been launched by the regime against civilians over a period of not 30 days but 11 years – that’s 4015 days. As well as death squads despatched by the regime who routinely carry out executions of civilians as young as 3 months old. You read right, some of the victims are just 3 months old. Other infant victims of the regime’s sniper patrols are 10 months old.
Everything up to the previous paragraph relates to the Gaddafi regime in Libya. By contrast, the previous paragraph relates solely to the Hamas regime in the Gaza Strip. Sweden’s publicly funded TV station, SVT, reported on today’s barrage of 50 mortar rounds against Israeli civilians by saying “Israel alleges that 50 mortars were fired against its territory.” Just an allegation, you understand, and we all know how much we can trust Jewish claims. Israeli “territory” was merely fired at, “allegedly”. SVT then went on to provide graphic details of the age and gender of the Gazans caught in Israel’s responding artillery fire. The fact is that two Israeli civilians were injured and taken to hospital, but this is a fact that gets in the way of Swedish TV’s anti-Israel agenda. It was therefore excluded from the Swedish news report.
And the reactions of the world to events in Libya and Israel – including that august body the UN – couldn’t have been more different. Whereas the UN has approved the use of advanced military assets against the Libyan regime, the same UN continues to approve the transfer of massive financial assets to the Islamist Hamas regime. 50 mortars a day notwithstanding.
Libya has oil, and its civilians have to be defended on account of their human rights.
Israel has no oil, and the human rights of its civilians are of no interest to the UN.
Regime change when the government systematically brutalises civilians is an imperative for the UN. In Libya.
Regime change when the government systematically brutalises civilians is of no interest to the UN. If the victims are Jews and the aggressors are Iranian-backed Islamists in Gaza.
But with the precedent now set for military action and regime change on account of vicious attacks against civilians, it is going to be very hard for the UN to explain why it chooses to deliberately ignore attacks against Jews, but uses public funding to come to the defence of non-Jews – while using additional public funding to aid the people carrying out the very same attacks against Jews.
It is a legal precedent that ought to be keeping lawyers in Israel, at UN headquarters in New York and elsewhere very busy until the UN turns off the money taps in Gaza and turns up the heat on its government for its legion crimes against humanity. The only legally and morally acceptable result in a court of law is regime change in Gaza – and the UN have already ratified the rules.
Israeli civilians, meantime – spend their time saving the lives of Palestinian Arab mothers and babies. And we’re talking about the Israeli civilians of the oh-so-hateful “settlements” where the survivors and other family members of the butchered Fogel family of Itamar were sitting in mourning, praying for the souls of the five civilians murdered by “heroic Palestinian Arab freedom-fighters” who will doubtless be commemorated by having schools, streets and public squares named in their honour. Three of the five civilians were 3 months old, 3 years old and 11 years old. The other two victims were their parents.
Turkish strongman, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, cries buckets of crocodile tears over the killing of children if he reckons he can somehow pin the blame on Israel. He’s been strangely silent on the subject of the latest Palestinian Arab outrage that left three young children dead, stabbed in the heart and their heads almost severed as they lay sleeping. Read what Turkish journalist Burak Bekdil has to say about the Islamist Erdoğan.
We are currently in the midst of the infamous IAW – Israeli Apartheid Week. This is a racist movement that favours boycotting Israel in every walk of life, from business to academia to sports to culture – but not the sciences, otherwise the IAW groupies would all have to turn in their mobile phones, laptops, dialysis machines and anti-spam software, close down their Facebook accounts and get accustomed to not using solar heating, not eating fresh vegetables or fruit, and basically living like their forefathers did in the 11th century. Which, on the evolutionary scale, is where they still belong.
IAW is the darling of the extreme Left, the extreme Right, the rabid Islamists, the woolly-headed Liberals – in fact, everyone except the people it is touted as supporting – because when all is said and done the local Palestinian Arabs want no part of it and instead prefer to give birth to their babies in Israeli settlements. And that’s before we even take up the case of the Palestinian child left to die outside a Lebanese hospital just because his father couldn’t pay the fee for his medical care. Now there’s apartheid for you. Silence in the UN, absolute silence in the world media.
Incidentally, Israeli Apartheid Week is a misnomer. Their “week” lasts from March 7 to March 20. That’s 14 days. A week has 7 days. The idiots couldn’t even get that right. To find out the true face of Israel’s so-called “apartheid”, see here. Enjoy.
All in all, today is a good day – the UN has now set the precedent. The days of the Hamas regime in Gaza are numbered, and the UN’s military might is already flexing its muscles in the region, dealing first with Gaddafi’s disregard for civilians’ human rights before they veer off east to deal once and for all with Hamas’s disregard for civilian human rights.
Of course the UN will deal with Hamas as it is dealing with Gaddafi. Otherwise it would be branding itself an intrinsically racist organisation acting on behalf of Islamist interests and selling its military might in exchange for oil.
And that couldn’t possibly be true.