A troubling silence

Egypt’s long-time dictator Hosni Mubarak is now history.
For 30 years the political leaders of the West – the EU, UN, USA – both encouraged and financed his heavy-handed regime. He was the tool that was used for doing the “dirty work” that the West wanted done, but that it did not want to be associated with – shielding the fat, lazy West from the spread of hungry, violent jihadi radical Islamism emanating from the Arab world.
Everything that the EU, UN and USA said regarding regime change in Egypt, when the people demanded an end to the country’s oppressive secular dictatorship, could equally well have been said by the West regarding regime change in Iran, when the people demanded an end to the country’s oppressive religious dictatorship.
But in the case of Iran, the West was silent. You don’t mess with Islamists – the lessons learned in Bali, Madrid, London and New York were thoroughly internalised. The West is already accustomed to its allotted role of cowed submission.
Let’s get one thing straight: former dictator Mubarak was no choir-boy. His regime consisted of some fairly ruthless thugs. But he was nonetheless used by the EU, UN and USA to prevent the export of radical Islam outside Egypt. In fact, he received 1.3 billion dollars a year from the US alone for his job as policeman – funds and weapons that will now default to Egypt’s jihadist Muslim Brotherhood. As soon as it looked like Mubarak’s foundations were shaking, he was left to his own devices. And why not, you might well ask – he was nothing but a dictator. But he was a dictator paid by the West. And now the West, the EU, UN and USA, are trying frantically to scrub his scent off their clothes as they try to emerge as standard-bearers of democracy in the Arab world. There’s a word for this brazen mockery: it’s chutzpa.
While German Chancellor Angela Merkel at least said that she hoped the new Egypt would continue to remain a strong supporter of regional peace, the USA’s Barack Hussein Obama declined to mention the word “peace” at all. Obama appears to be painting on a different, altogether larger canvas – a canvas featuring just one single word painted in blood-red relief: Islamism.

The symbol of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Koran and the sword. And for good measure a second sword as well, in case we don’t get the message.
Mubarak now knows how little support from the EU, FN and USA means. And of course all the West’s soon to be former allies in the region are drawing the same conclusion: Lebanon (nowadays wholly-owned by Iran through its terrorist subsidiary Hizbollah via corporate front-man Syria), the Palestinian “government” in Gaza (also wholly-owned by corporate headquarters in Teheran via terrorist subsidiary Hamas), the Palestinian Authority that is jointly owned by the EU and US (this is the “government” in the disputed territories of Judea & Samaria/the West Bank formerly illegally occupied by Jordan), Saudi Arabia, Jordan itself (formerly called Transjordan and consisting of 80 percent of the territory of Mandate Palestine from which Jews were ethnically cleansed to satisfy Islamic demands). And many more, Iraq not least.
The same conclusions are naturally also being drawn in Teheran, Damascus, Aden, Islamabad, Ankara, Tunis, Tripoli, Rabat, Algiers. The dictators there are rubbing their hands in glee as they reach for the phone to double their orders for weapons from delightfully democratic regimes in Russia, North Korea and China. Stability was quickly replaced by a brief but intense cold war that is soon set to explode into a particularly hot war.
How do we know this? By reading and listening to the people who are preaching Islamism’s inexorable progress in the West, via the expansion of the Muslim Brotherhood (see also here and here) and the establishment of the all-encompassing Islamic Caliphate.
Is Islam compatible with democracy? Read Daniel Pipes for some astute views on democracy and the Islamist mindset. Are the Muslim Brotherhood’s aims compatible with the Western world’s ideals of free democracy? See here a video in which one of the Brotherhood’s foremost representatives Tariq Ramadan speaks his mind – using prayers to exhort his co-religionists to acts and ideas abhorrent to civilisation. Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) has an excellent translation of the Muslim Brotherhood’s aims and intentions entitled “Jihad is the way” written by the Brotherhood’s Egyptian leader Mustafa Mashhur. One must be either a deaf mute, or incorrigibly arrogant, or an eager supporter of jihad, sharia and Islamism to ignore what the organisation’s own representatives say about their goals and methods.
Media analysis experts CAMERA also have an interesting article on the Muslim Brotherhood that quotes the organisation’s leader in Egypt, Mohammed Badie. Clear, unequivocal – and ignored by the West.
StandWithUs has a fact-sheet about the Muslim Brotherhood. It consists of quotes from the Brotherhood’s own representatives.
So why exactly is all this knowledge important? Firstly because in the West we should never ever be allowed the luxury of pretending that we don’t know about the criminals and other low-lifes with whom our elected political leaders choose to share their beds.
And secondly so that we should know the reason why our elected leaders chose to climb into bed with some of history’s most appalling people: that reason being that the alternative is even worse. We give billions and yet more billions in donations to parts of the Arab and Muslim world – at the same time as the rest of the Arab and Muslim world sits on this planet’s incomparably greatest wealth. We have accepted this absurd situation for several decades without bothering to build democracy or counter the social misery rife in these countries. Our failure to do the decent thing in the Arab world has created an ever-growing vacuum, a vacuum willingly filled with poison by the Muslim Brotherhood.
So now we know what’s in store for us while the EU, UN and USA use public funds to perpetuate a chimera of wellbeing in the West and ignore the lack of democracy in many other parts of the world. Our leaders will still pretend to be surprised when society starts unravelling in countries all over the world. And they will still pretend they don’t know what’s in the offing as one society after the next, one country after the next, is raped into submission by an aggressive force intent on world domination.
Will you, as a taxpayer and voter, pretend that none of this concerns you? Or will you do your duty before and during your local, regional and national elections? Time is running out.
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