Islamist suicide bombing in Stockholm, Sweden

Back in 1979, Swedish super-group ABBA took the world by storm with a smash hit entitled “I Have a Dream”. In 1983, with many hits in the interim and many more yet to come, ABBA gave out “Under Attack”. Prophetic or what?
Today, the Swedish dream is at an end, with this peaceful Scandinavian nation under very tangible attack. Today Sweden is a nation in shock.
And Sweden is right to be shocked. It has seen at first-hand the ugly face of racist Islamist ideology.
Because this time it’s not this nation’s Jews who are being made to suffer indignities and threats by racist Islamists while Sweden’s judiciary remains silent, this time all Swedes are in the firing line of Islamism.
On Friday the 10th of December I was invited to a sixth form college in western Sweden to deliver a lecture on “Islamism and Political Correctness – Political Violence and Cowed Silence in Unholy Matrimony”. I spoke about how Sweden – yes, even calm, beautiful, generous, open, patient and tolerant Sweden – is at war. At war against a radical extremist political ideology that threatens the very fabric of its society. I asked the students if they would support my political party, the United International Forum, which believes in and works doggedly to take over the world through violence, intimidation, gender segregation, ethnic cleansing and religious intolerance.
Not surprisingly, most raised their hands when asked if they would publicly – through political channels and openly in the media – fight this fictitious (yes, it is fictitious) political party.
I then asked them to raise their hands if they would equally publicly use political channels and open media debate to fight my political party if it remained exactly the same in every single respect, with just one exception: it would change its name from the United International Forum to Islamism United. Almost nobody raised their hands.
Yet nothing had changed, except for incorporation of the taboo “I”-word into the name of a political party. Suddenly there were all sorts of reasons why it would be inadvisable, inopportune, inappropriate, to work openly against such a political party.
But silence always comes at a price. By remarkable coincidence, just 24 hours later on Saturday the 11th of December, an Islamist empowered by his radical extremist political ideology put those words into sharp relief when he launched a terror attack on Christmas shoppers in Sweden’s capital city, Stockholm. Miraculously, only the terrorist died, with two shoppers lightly injured.
Even Sweden’s Foreign Minister, the notorious Islamist apologist Carl Bildt, called this a “terrorist attack“. Carl Bildt has of course been making the international headlines recently, referred to by Sweden’s US ambassador as “a medium size dog with big dog attitude” and as being seriously out of his depth on the international scene.
However, immediately after the terror attack, Swedish police issued a statement explaining that this was not a terrorist attack involving six pipe bombs strapped to an Islamist who entered a shopping mall with intent to kill and maim non-Muslims, but rather a man “undertaking an act that endangers public safety” (link in Swedish). You know, sort of on a par with riding your bicycle after dark without switching on your lights.
Political Correctness: the largest and fast-spreading religion in the world.
And the deadliest. Because it gives a free rein to Islamism – a violent, racist, extremist political ideology that hides behind a religion with a similar-sounding name: Islam.
In 1975 Swedish pop group ABBA was continuing its meteoric rise to global stardom, with its smash hit “SOS” taking the world by storm. Today Sweden has taken the first steps into a storm of Islamist violence, and the whole of Sweden is sounding its own SOS.
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