The new Swedish anti-Semitism: Islamism

Britain’s BBC is not exactly renowned for being an avid supporter of Israel. It’s not even known for showing empathy regarding Britain’s own Jewish population.
Yet listen here to an objective BBC report on the new anti-Semitism in Sweden.
The new Swedish anti-Semitism is spelled “Islamism”.
The vast majority of Swedish Muslims may well be peaceful, respectful towards other religions and as little anti-Jewish as they are anti-Muslim.
But they remain silent. They do not protest that an apparently small number of radical Muslims with a violent political ideology – Islamists – are blackening the name of Islam for all Muslims. How does one interpret this silence? As tacit agreement, or fear of retribution? If the former, that gets you wondering. And if the latter, we are talking about Muslim fear of Islamist violence alongside Jewish fear of Islamist violence – while politicians and the media sit silent.
Either way, there is a considerable risk that all Muslims, including the purported peaceful and democratic majority, might be regarded as a homogeneous group, all tarred with the same brush. A result that would be as unfortunate as it is understandable.
Watch the following clip for yet another British perspective on how the nominally democratic nation of Sweden is coming under increasing assault from the combination of Islamism and Political Correctness – the new existential threat against Sweden. Carried out by a few, no doubt, but without being countered by even a hint of criticism from either the majority of Swedish Muslims or Sweden’s political or media heavyweights.

It would have been salutary if either SR (the publicly funded Swedish Radio) or SVT (the publicly funded Swedish TV) had produced an in-depth report on Islamist anti-Semitism in Sweden, instead of sitting idly while Sweden’s reputation abroad is set by Britain’s BBC.
The national agenda in Sweden is today being determined by Islamists who fetch their inspiration from foreign radical regimes in the Middle East, and they are doing so unchecked. Political Correctness means that Swedish political reaction is notable for its absence. And media spotlighting of the situation in Sweden is also determined by foreign broadcasters – the BBC, Fox News, CBS and others.
So why exactly do we have the publicly funded Riksdag (Parliament) if Sweden’s parliamentarians refuse to legislate? And why exactly do we have the publicly funded Swedish Radio and Swedish TV if they refuse to spotlight issues on which Parliament refuses to legislate?
Listen, watch – and think.