"Occupation" in the Middle East becomes "self-defence" in India

India’s President Pratibha Devisingh Patil said on a visit to Syria that India recognizes Syria’s “legitimate right” to the Golan Heights.
The Indian president’s host, Syrian dictator Bashar el-Assad, who inherited the Syrian regime from his father Hafez el-Assad, went on to bemoan “the sufferings of the Palestinian people, blockaded by an apartheid wall”.
Assad failed to mention, of course, that India has built a several thousand kilometre long “apartheid wall” to keep out Pakistani “militants” from the world’s largest democracy, India. More than 80 percent of this security barrier has been constructed in “disputed” territory which Pakistan “demands”.
Does the vocabulary sound terribly familiar – but the context does not?
It is obviously time for Israel to follow India’s lead and express itself in equally forthright terms: demand an end to the Indian occupation of Kashmir, the tearing down the Indian apartheid wall and the return of occupied Kashmir to its rightful owners, Islamist Pakistan.
After all, friends can be equally forthright with one another, surely?