Something has happened at the BBC

In a landmark departure from normal practice, the BBC has produced and aired a documentary on Turkey’s action on board the Mavi Marara earlier this summer.
What is remarkable about this “Panorama” current-affairs programme is that the documentary, presented by Jane Corbin, gives an objective, neutral and factual presentation of views from both sides.
And the result is extremely disheartening – if you are an Islamist, terrorist and/or Turkish supremacist.
Among Ms Corbin’s most noteworthy comments: (1) that of the “aid” delivered by the terror-linked IHH organisation, more than two-thirds of the medicines were out of date and thus unsuitable for human use. (2) that the operation had nothing to do with delivering aid to a Gaza Strip that according to Ms Corbin did not lack in food or other essentials but was instead a straightforward political action. (3) that the hard core of 40 terrorists on board – including a US citizen who is a former marine – were well-prepared with offensive weapons.
The BBC documentary also makes clear that the Mavi Marmara had been hijacked by the hard core of IHH terrorist operatives aided by their US and other foreign mercenaries. The BBC provides documentary evidence of the hijacking in the form of testimony from crewmembers.
Hijacking – piracy on the high seas – is a criminal offence. The UN is currently diverting massive public funding away from Muslim flood victims in Pakistan to instead underwrite a probe into the Jewish state’s response to the IHH’s criminal act, but is refusing to probe either the IHH for its piracy or the Turkish government for its aggression in sending warships to escort the pirates on the first leg of their voyage.
These may be issues that the BBC might examine in subsequent documentaries.
Watch the Panorama programme in the following two clips:
Part 1:

Part 2:

Now ask yourself which of the 40 or so IHH terrorists on board shot and killed the nine dead Islamists using firearms taken from the Israeli soldiers who were attacked while trying to execute a legitimate police action at sea. The Israeli officers testify to shooting at the legs of their attackers, as per training and practice, but three officers had their guns stolen while they were being beaten, stabbed and shot by the Islamists. Interestingly, the willingness of the IHH participants to go down in history as “shahids” – martyrs for the Islamist cause – has been documented by the BBC and other media. Put two and two together and you’ll get nine.
Nine dead Islamists who were despatched by their compatriots in the ultimate on-screen media hoax.
Now THAT’s a probe the UN will most certainly not be spending money pursuing.