Dealing with terrorists on the open sea, scenario 2

Once again there has been a police action in international waters.
Once again it has resulted in fatalities.
Once again a ship has been boarded by naval officers. The ship was manned by suspected terrorists and pirates, but this time the naval police force did not steer the ship to port for a thorough check and processing of the suspects, as Israel recently did with the pirated Mavi Marmara and another five vessels.
This time the ship was boarded, innocent people were set free, and the suspected pirates and terrorists were left on board their vessel.
After which the naval force blew up the ship, with all its cargo and the suspected Islamic pirates and terrorists on board.

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This time, however, international condemnation of this police action is non-existent, there are no demands for a boycott, relations with Europe, the USA and the Islamic world have not been affected in any way whatsoever and the international media have ignored the event.
The armed Islamic terrorists and pirates received no sympathy, understanding or diplomatic and political – let alone financial – support.
Of course, this police action at sea was not undertaken by Israel.
Boarding of the vessel in international waters, the arrest of the suspected terrorists and pirates and their summary execution by blowing them up on board their ship was undertaken by Russia.
Silence in the media. Total silence in the UN. Absolute silence in the Islamic world.
One thing is for sure. No more Russian ships are going to be attacked by terrorists or pirates in the name of Islamism.
The standards by which Israel’s and Russia’s police actions are judged are startlingly different.