Raising the crazy flag

There’s a leadership crisis in the world.  
Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez is showing increasing signs of mental instability. Now he is challenging the status of the Vatican and the legitimacy of the Pope.  
The next Libyan leader, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, is trying to surpass his father’s record in the crazy league. Gaddafi senior, Libya’s dictator Moammar Gaddafi, is perhaps best known for placing bombs aboard Pan Am flights, supplying arms and training for Irish terrorists and providing a safe haven for Palestinian mass-murderers. Not to be outdone in the crazy stakes, Gaddafi junior now claims his Islamic Republic has reached agreement with Israel on a plan for rebuilding Gaza and “restoring human rights” to the Hamas-occupied enclave.  
Here’s what one of Gaddafi’s lieutenants on board the Libyan “humanitarian aid” ship had to say about the value of human life:  
Gaza leader Ismail Haniyeh, whose Hamas terrorist group rose to power by slaughtering Fatah political opponents and which is currently imposing a Taliban-style Sharia law system in the Gaza Strip, says that he wholeheartedly supports the blockade-busting attempts of Libya, Turkey, the Lebanon, Iran and other equally undemocratic Muslim nations renowned throughout the world for their record on human rights abuses.  
The following film reveals how the Lebanon blatantly ignores the fundamental human rights of Palestinians, who are systematically denied the right to engage in specified professions, refused the right to own property, denied citizenship and declined the right to live where they want, even though they have been living in the Lebanon for up to 4 generations.  
Hamas leader Haniyeh’s own official TV station, meantime, Al-Aqsa TV, has been banned by France for its overt racism, its blatant anti-Semitism, its rabid support for terrorism as a political weapon, and its policy of eradication of the Jewish state of Israel as an absolute precondition for peace in the Middle East.  
Former Swedish Prime Minister and current Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, meantime, has an interesting take on human rights: the oppressed Iranians aren’t entitled to any, nor are the Kurds or Armenians of Syria and Turkey. Nor are the Jews of Israel, on whose homes and schools more than 10,000 missiles rained down courtesy of Gaza’s Hamas rulers until, after 7 years of constant bombardment, Israel responded militarily. 

According to Carl Bildt neither are human rights the preserve of the Tibetans of – well, China, actually, after China invaded Tibet and uprooted more than a million Tibetans from their homeland, transporting them to China and replacing them with a million Han Chinese. This ethnic cleansing has not merited a single comment by Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt. It goes without saying that Bildt does not feel the Cypriots are entitled to live a life without Turkish occupation – Turkey invaded and has occupied half of Cyprus for half a century now.
The only foreign affairs issue on which Foreign Minister Carl Bildt sees fit to pronounce judgement is Israel. And only in negative terms
Such are the leaders of the world today. 
There seems to be a pronounced shortage of leadership qualities in international politics. 
But there are crazies aplenty.