The voice of reason

Zvi Mazel, former Israeli ambassador to Egypt, Sweden and Romania, has authored a sharp and insightful analysis of the Obama doctrine.
Or, if truth be told, the abysmal lack of doctrine.
Ambassador Mazel writes about Obama’s appeasement of some of the most violent human rights abusers and anti-democratic regimes in the Islamic world, at the same time as the American president has successfully driven a wedge between the USA and some of its oldest and most loyal allies, while subjecting Washington to the contempt of the nation’s worst and most virulent enemies, and at the same time encouraging limitless Islamist claims on both the political and geographic fronts.
It’s an achievement that beggars belief and has no parallel in modern history.
Unfortunately President Obama is far from done playing with his political toy-box and nobody can today overview the whims that President Hussein Obama’s immature capriciousness may evidence on the world stage.
My personal reflection is that Obama’s time at the helm of state prompts one to look with rose-tinted longing at the relative stability of Boris Yeltsin’s vodka-fuelled antics in the world’s political arena. Who’d have imagined it?
But that’s just my personal reflection.
As Zvi Mazel writes:

(Obama) gave his first interview to al-Arabia – the well-known Saudi TV channel – and flew to Turkey and then to Cairo to deliver his famous speech, stressing that the US and Islam share common values of justice and progress, tolerance and respect.
One can only wonder whether cutting off arms and legs, killing homosexuals, stoning adulterous women, executing people for converting to another religion represent those values of justice and progress?” 

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