Hamas can win it all

Hamas can have all they want, but they refuse to pay the price.
The price is immensely high – the terrorist organisation will have to release from illegal incarceration a young Israeli kidnapped from Israel while he was still a teenager. That boy’s name is Gilad Schalit.
It’s naturally a price Hamas cannot accept. We are after all talking about the release of the only Jew in all of Gaza (by comparison, 20 percent of the population of Israel is Arab, a stark contrast to the ethnically cleansed Gaza Strip which contains just this one Jew – Gilad Schalit). Since then Schalit has been held without access to his parents, legal representation, the Red Cross, the UN, the EU, medical attention. This is in contravention of a whole raft of international treaties on human rights to which every country is a signatory, but which no country sees fit to invoke as reason for pressuring Hamas to release Schalit. All the while these same countries continue to pour unlimited financial resources into the Hamas Islamist enclave. Schalit’s incarceration is the price the Gazans are paying in terms of lack of free and open borders, free supply of goods and services, free movement of people. Hamas feels it is right to impose a blockade on 1.5 million civilian Gaza Arabs for the pleasure of denying freedom to a single Jew.
That is the way Hamas values its own people’s best interests.
Hamas wants Egypt’s and Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip to be lifted. Thing is, Egypt won’t agree because it doesn’t want violent Islamism exported from Gaza City to Cairo. However, Israel itself proposed a total lifting of the blockade four years ago and has continued repeating this offer ever since. The reason is simple: the blockade was initiated solely in response to Gilad Schalit’s kidnapping and the continued rocket bombardment from Gaza on Israeli schools and kindergartens, power stations and factories, supermarkets and hospitals.
The fact that Hamas and their Islamist allies in countries such as Turkey, Syria and Iran feel this is the way to do business in the international community is one thing.
But that the world community, the international community that professes such concern for the Palestinian Arabs, will not even consider demanding an exchange – the release of a single Jew, Gilad Schalit, for lifting of the blockade initiated by the boy’s kidnapping – that refusal to make such an elementary demand on Hamas speaks volumes of the world community’s regard for justice, morals, principles and human rights.
Because the solution is so pathetically simple: as the USA now promises an additional 400 million dollars, Britain promises another 19 million pounds, Sweden promises another 400 million kronor and Islamists the world over invest massive funds in the perpetuation of anti-Semitism via a number of propaganda exercises with fatal consequences, this “aid” should be made absolutely conditional on two embarrassingly simple counter-measures:

1. The release of Gilad Schalit
2. Total cessation of rocket fire from Gaza onto civlians in Israel

But the world community does not make this remarkably simple demand. The world community does not believe that the Palestinians should be subjected to any demands.
So it isn’t Hamas that bears responsibility for continued suffering on either side of the Israel/Gaza border. It’s the world community that bears total responsibility.
The world community that flatly refuses to impose a single demand on the Palestinians.
The world community that has an automatic majority in the UN.
Today, 10 June, is the day the UN will question Iran on its human rights record. The regime need not worry – there are plenty of paid-up members of the Ahmadinejad Fan Club who in exchange for lucrative contracts are prepared to vouch for the Islamic Republic’s exemplary human rights record. Such as Turkey under its current Islamist regime, whose most recent spate of violence in the Mediterranean is highly unpopular in the country. The Islamist regime’s vitriolic stance is causing the Turkish population massive financial losses in terms of lost revenue, not least from the tourist industry. Syria’s representative on the UN Human Rights Council, Rania Al Rifaiy, is another avid supporter of human rights paragon Iran. She claims openly that Israeli children on school trips like to sing a song extolling the virtues of ripping into Arab flesh with their bare teeth and drinking Arab blood.
Watch the following video on Iran’s support in the UN.

To put into wider perspective what passes for human rights in the Islamic world – and to highlight the rest of the world’s deafening silence on the issue, particularly at the UN – read the following report on how a wedding party in Afghanistan was blown up, killing 40.
80 Muslim civilians butchered by Islamist murderers during mosque services in Lahore, Pakistan. Silence at the UN.
40 Muslim civilians butchered by Islamist murderers at a wedding party in Afghanistan. Silence at the UN.
9 Islamists attempting to murder Jews are themselves killed, and within 12 hours the issue is the subject of hot debate at the UN Security Council and the focus of universal condemnation.
The difference can only be explained by acknowledging that the world – including that hotbed of Islamist support the UN – does not care about the Palestinian cause, nor about Muslim lives, nor even about respect for Islam as a religion. The difference can only be explained by that basest of primitive urges, that cancer that is hatred of everything Jewish. Especially the Jewish state, the very embodiment of Jewish existence. It’s what used to be called anti-Semitism.
The maths is wrong, the logic is wrong, the moral stance is wrong, the cowardice is wrong, the UN as a hijacked tool is an insult to every thinking human being.