Suicide activists in the Gaza convoy

Watch the film, it explains it all in simple terms.
The convoy transports and exports hatred of Jews, of Israel, of democracy, of the most basic tenets of human decency.

Read also “In the Trenches” about how inhumane these “human rights” activists really are – when it comes to Jews.
Read here a brief account of how Arab men are having their Egyptian citizenship revoked because they married Israeli women. The full article in the highly regarded Arabic newspaper Asharq Alawsat can be read here. Egypt and Israel have a peace treaty with one another… Just imagine if the UK, Sweden, France proposed such a measure. There would be a massive outcry in the streets. And if – God forbid – Israel were to propose such an inhumane measure, the country would be debated in the Permanent Anti-Israel Subcommittee of the UN Security Council before the first protesters even started making their first Molotov cocktail.
The following is what passes for normal discourse on Egyptian TV: a female lawyer who incites Muslim men to rape Jewish and Israeli women as part of the global intifada to “free Palestine”. The “Ship to Gaza” propaganda spectacle also ran under the banner of “Free Palestine”. By which they mean “Rid Israel of the Jews”.

They want to “Free Palestine” through murder, mass rapes, suicide bombings, rocket attacks on kindergartens and schools and EU- and UN-subsidised propaganda – at the same time as they firmly deny the only two demands Israel has: (1) stop firing rockets at the Jewish nation’s civilians (thus far 10,000 missiles from Hamas in Gaza) and (2) stop kidnapping Israeli teenagers and using them in the macabre yet time-honoured Arab pastime of human trafficking.
Two demands that are simply too much for the “humanitarian” Hamas supporters behind Ship to Gaza.
Sick. Indescribably sick.