Swedish “Christian Aid” organisation Diakonia breaks the law – and every moral code

Hundreds of articles involving Swedish “Christian Aid” organisation Diakonia and the “desperate situation in Gaza”. Fruit stall in “Desperate Gaza“ Hundreds of articles by Diakonia about the “Israeli assault on Gaza’s civilians” in Operation Cast Lead last year. According to Diakonia there was no reason for Israel’s actions whatsoever – 10,000 missiles from Gaza fired […]

Mayday, Mayday from Sweden

Want to know how Sweden is perceived from its neighbour Finland’s perspective? Read Tundra Tabloids for a view of how Ilmar Reepalu, the extremist left-wing mayor of Malmö in Southern Sweden, celebrated May Day. His statements and sentiments are shocking, to say the least. Related links: Ilmar Reepalu – from this site Malmö – from […]

Richard Goldstone’s dark secret out in the open

Richard Goldstone sentenced scores of black Africans to death in South Africa while serving as a judge in that country. His explanation: “Those were the laws, I had to respect them.” The wording is frighteningly reminiscent of the defence put forward by several high-ranking officials of the Third Reich at their post-War trials. They were […]

A better world

In Jenin streets and public squares, TV programmes and kindergartens, are all named in honour of Islamist mass-murderers. The Arabs of Jenin and the rest of Judea and Samaria (the two Jewish provinces also sometimes referred to as the “West Bank” following Jordan’s illegal occupation of the territory) would like to receive these two territories […]