(Im)morality guardians in Gaza

Gaza’s (im)morality guardians have spoken. Not in words but in actions. They did so by torching a UN summer camp for children. The reason? Girls attending the summer camp were participating in “immoral acts” by learning to dance, improve their physical fitness and engage in other similar forms of depravity, degenerate behaviour and outrageous moral […]

Perpetuation of Palestinian Intransigence

For anyone who has not yet read it, now is the time to spend a few minutes reading an excellent piece by Ben-Dror Yemini, senior columnist at Israel’s Maariv daily. He writes in an article entitled “Nakba Day and the Fraud” how the Palestinian Arabs (“the who?”, you may well ask) have perpetuated one of […]

Demolition of illegally built homes – UN is silent

The government authorised the police to brutally beat up home-owners and evict them from their homes. After that a fleet of bulldozers arrived and razed the buildings to the ground. The UN is silent. The Quartet is silent. Human Rights Watch is silent. Richard Goldstone is silent. By way of explanation, all this happened in […]

Three film clips that say it all

The Palestinian Authority (PA for short) is regarded by much of the world as Israel’s partner for peace. In order to secure peace, Israel must do what the Palestinians want, otherwise there will be no peace. It’s not only the Palestinian Authority president, Holocaust-denier Mahmud Abbas or one of the Palestinians’ two prime ministers, terrorist […]

Sweden’s Diakonia rescues Gaza!

Is Sweden’s Diakonia blind? Diakonia’s Secretary-General Bo Forsberg intends to sail to Gaza to “aid” the population there. He writes that the “population has to survive on meagre rations” and that the Israeli – and international – blockade is causing the civilian population a lot of indescribable hardship. Visit the Israel i Sverige website and […]

Swedish Islamists riot

Islamists in Sweden rioted to defend their right to attack an artist in the Swedish university town of Uppsala. Artist Lars Vilks came to fame as the person who drew a controversial cartoon depicting the Muslim prophet Mohammed. Conservative Muslims insist Mohammed is not to be portrayed in images since they regard this as an […]

Palestine Betrayed

Middle East analyst Daniel Pipes recently reviewed a book entitled “Palestine Betrayed” by Efraim Karsh. Read the review – and buy the book. It is the most thorough, the most objective, explanation of how the current Palestinian situation arose and how it is being manipulated. It explains, lucidly, dispassionately and backed by impressive research, how […]

Diakonia by numbers

The following experiment using search engine Google reveals some highly interesting results. Diakonia is a Swedish church organisation that professes to have the interests of the downtrodden at heart. What is revealing is whose interests it supports, and whose it utterly ignores. It turns out that its main – some would say only – focus […]