Propaganda war on the high seas

“Peace” activists carrying “humanitarian aid” turned out to be vicious Islamist-inspired militants and their cargo included guns, knives, metal pipes and rocks – a hundred miles out to sea! – with which to attack the Israel Navy.
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At no stage was the convoy ever about bringing aid to Palestinian Arabs in Gaza. It was only ever about provoking anti-Israel sentiment, anti-Semitism (seen not least in the enthusiastic racist chants of “Khaybar! Khaybar!” yesterday as the convoy put out to sea) preferably with lots of graphic blood loss. Most of the “humanitarian cargo” consisted of violent militants – up to 700 people, leaving little capacity for genuine aid – as well as guns and improvised weapons, PR experts, TV and radio crews, propaganda coordinators and young children for abuse as human shields.
Propaganda. Incitement. Racism. Bloodshed. That was the main cargo of the “Ship to Gaza” convoy.
The aim of the Israeli boarding crew was to prevent the illicit import of arms and other contraband into Gaza. In the UK, the US, Sweden, Israel and other civilised countries, such operations are carried out by the Coastguard or Navy in cooperation with Customs. Nothing unusual there then. Only when it comes to Hamas, the world’s Islamists demand the right to freely supply the racist Gaza regime with whatever it wants for its Jihad against the Jewish state, and without Customs interference.
The result of the Iran-financed and Turkey-organised Islamist violence: depending on whom you believe, up to 19 dead. The violence started with vicious attacks on the Israeli boarding crew, including live fire, one soldier who suffered multiple stabs in the stomach and the theft of one soldier’s rifle and its use against the Israeli sailors, whereupon fire was returned by other Israeli servicemen, resulting in the fatalities and injuries.
It’s what passes for “peace” in the Palestinian camp.
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