"Peaceful" reception by Hamas peace-lovers on peaceful cruise

Here’s the video evidence of the “peaceful” way in which the Islamists on board the terrorists’ supply convoy handled the Israeli police action designed to prevent the smuggling of weapons and illegal personnel into Gaza.
See for yourself how a member of the Israeli boarding party is viciously beaten before his feet even touch the deck. This peaceful reception was given by a pro-Hamas peace activist whose peaceful cruise was organised by the Islamist regime in Turkey and co-financed by the Islamist regime in Iran and a variety of European NGOs with government backing. Note particularly that the Israeli is attacked and beaten before his feet even touch the deck. No question of initial Israeli aggression then, since this was merely a police action to prevent the illegal smuggling of contraband to an organisation that even the UN brands as a terrorist organisation. (Hat-tip to blogger Tundra Tabloids.)
However, Hamas and their collaborators the world over naturally put the blame onIsrael for wanting to check the convoy’s cargo.
That cargo turned out to contain weapons. A lot of weapons. And violent terrorist collaborators keen to use them.
Result: fatalities and injuries on a large scale.
Thanks to Hamas and the global Jihad movement of worldwide Islamism. Otherwise known as the “Peace” movement.