“Peace activists” try to bring down helicopter

First they tried to bring down a helicopter, then they attacked Israeli officers executing a legitimate police actionThe “peace activists” did so using knives, metal rods, wooden bats, catapults with heavy glass marbles as ammunition, and finally guns.
The “peaceful aid workers” on board the Turkish vessel the Mavi Marmara had stores of weapons ready to engage the Israeli officers. They first tried force an Israeli helicopter to crash by tethering it to the ship while it was hovering in the air.
Even so, when the Israeli soldiers boarded the vessel, they did so under strict orders not to use live ammunition – or indeed any ammunition at all. They were to talk to the crew and, if necessary, use riot-control equipment in the form of paintball guns – designed to momentarily hurt but neither injure nor kill. This is equipment whose purpose is to mark rioters and to hurt them just long enough to subdue them. It was only when the police action was met with live fire from the “peace activists” and some Israeli soldiers had already received life-threatening injuries, that the officers were authorised to use live fire – and to aim for the legs in accordance with textbook riot-control procedure.
Read this eyewitness account.
And watch this video clip which shows how a “peace activist” uses a knife to repeatedly stab an Israeli soldier. Not even then were the Israeli officers authorised to use firearms. Only after the Turks started shooting were the officers given the go-ahead to respond with live fire.

What is of course most remarkable in this context is that there was only violence on one of the six vessels – the Mavi Marmara, where most of the crew and passengers consisted of Muslims from the Islamist republic of Turkey and other extremist regimes. On the other ships, most of the passengers and crew were Europeans, and on these five ships there was no violence or disorder of any sort. Israel’s Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi confirms that the other five vessels appeared to have genuine peace activists on board and a preliminary examination of their cargo reveals nothing but bona fide aid intended for the Gaza Strip. In accordance with Israel’s already declared intentions, this materiel will be transferred in its entirety to the Gaza Strip following a more thorough examination of the ships’ contents.
It is thus only on the Turkish boat that violence erupted. That violence was not merely limited to the stabbing of one soldier and another being attacked by about ten people who beat him up and then tossed his body onto an iron deck several metres below. This man now has severe skull injuries. The violence continued with live fire from the Muslim fanatics on board.

According to Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt http://ilyameyer.com/english/tag/carl-bildt/ among others, however, it is Israel that is in the wrong. He appears to feel that the problem started when the Jews hit back.
It is a familiar lament and it is naturally an opinion to which he is entitled, Sweden being a democracy and this being election year in a country in which there are 18,000 Jews but almost 500,000 Muslims.
Of course, Carl Bildt is not the only person who feels it is appropriate to apply one rule for Jews and another for everyone else. Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who is busy suppressing his own citizens and preparing nuclear weapons to rid the world of its Jews, agrees wholeheartedly with Sweden’s Carl Bildt.
Having said that, the story was exactly the same 60-odd years ago when a peculiar little man with bad teeth and an odd taste in moustaches stepped onto the world scene. His political ideology was immediately and widely embraced throughout the Arab Middle East (Read here, here, here, here and here).
Some things really never change.