Comic interlude soon over, final act opening soon

A much-hyped convoy of largely Islamist-funded (i.e. Iran via Turkey) rust-buckets is due to set sail from near Cyprus. Its destination is the Islamist terrorist enclave of Gaza, run by the Hamas human traffickers.
The Cypriots want no part of the crude propaganda exercise and have banned the use of their territory to stage this act of Islamist aggression against the only functioning democracy in the Middle East, Israel. Of course, the Cyprus government have a particularly keen interest in staying out of the fray – half their sovereign territory has for the past few decades been occupied and usurped by the fundamentalist Islamist regime of Turkey , a country that despite its warlike and actively anti-democratic credentials is applying for membership in the EU. This is the same Turkey that has threatened dire consequences for anyone who mentions the systematic ethnic cleansing and genocide carried out by Turkey against the Armenians. And the Kurds.
The convoy does not aim to deliver aid to the Palestinians of Gaza – the people who freely elected Hamas and who are now living (and dying) with the consequences of the terrorist organisation’s bestiality.
Israel delivers more aid in any given week to the Gazans than the organisers of this extremely costly convoy have been able to muster over the past six months.
The convoy has one single aim: to demonise and delegitimse the state of Israel. The only Jewish state in the world. The convoy aims also to contribute to the replacement of Israel with a radical Muslim state populated solely by Arabs. There are already 52 Muslim states in the world, of which 22 are Arab states.
This is apparently not enough. The Jewish homeland is their first target for takeover, followed by Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, the UK. And the list does not stop there.
So what is the condition of the state of Israel today, the Islamists’ first target? Is it a pushover? It all depends on your agenda and your sources.
Israel’s security situation is difficult. However well-meaning (in the eyes of the civilised world), Israel’s unilateral pullback from all of Lebanon at the turn of the century, the result is that its northern neighbour has been totally overrun by the Jewish state’s most implacable enemy – Iran – operating through its fully-funded and wholly-owned subsidiary mercenary force, Hizbollah.
Similarly, following Israel’s unilateral pullback from the Gaza Strip in 2005, Iran has moved its military capability into that strategically choice territory via the myriad tunnels burrowed underground from Egypt, pouring rockets and other strategic armaments into the Jewish state’s southern flank.
And with the most Islamist-friendly international leader in world history in power in Washington, the pressure on the Jewish state is mounting from all sides. The fact is that Hussein Obama is soft-pedalling the Iranian nuclear issue while slamming Israel’s alleged nuclear deterrence capability onto the table with a view to phasing it out – while at the same time claiming the right to retain US nuclear deterrence capability! This reveals the highly disturbing truth about a deeply flawed and morally corrupt US presidency that is setting the stage for the next major conflagration in the Middle East.
It may start in the Middle East, but it’s conflagration that is going to leave nobody on the sidelines. Because with Iranian rockets bristling on its northern and southern fronts, and a Palestinian Authority enjoying unprecedented support from Washington without giving an inch in constructive compromise to further the prospects of peace, at the same time as Israel is being pressured to abandon all its most fundamental lines of moral and physical defence, the Jewish state is quickly running out of choices. The only choice remaining is for Israel to widen the field, create the strategic depth and gain the precious few moments needed to prevent total disaster. That means taking the fight further afield. This is active US policy – to help spread the upcoming conflagration as far and wide as possible, instead of using its powers of persuasion and its authority to calm the atmosphere. People have been sectioned for less.
Give up and die – or take the fight to the enemy. Either way, there’s going to be lots of bloodshed.
The only choice for Israel is whether to wait until the enemy strikes the first blow and thus suffer massive – probably terminal – haemorrhaging, or strike first and try to weather the public outcry but survive the resulting military response.
Because the world’s response to previous near-terminal Israeli concessions – withdrawal from all of Lebanon, withdrawal from all of Gaza, full peace treaties with former enemies Egypt and Jordan – has been insultingly underwhelming. Instead of pressuring the forces of extremism to abandon their agendas and cooperate for peace – even in Egypt and Jordan – the world has left Israel to fend alone for its survival while turning a blind eye to the rise in fanaticism in the Muslim world.
No wonder then that Israel has taken the decision to send its submarines into the Persian Gulf.
They are ready to either strike first at Iran, or respond to any strike by anyone on any part of Israel by hitting Iran hard. Because any military action by anyone against the sovereign state of Israel has only one source, a source that the rest of the world refuses to deal with robustly: Iran.
Meantime, sit back and enjoy the comedy playing out in the Mediterranean as scores of political wannabees and artistic has-beens from countries such as Turkey, Sweden and Ireland use public funding to come to the aid of Hamas terrorists, child-beaters and women-haters. The people on board those rust-buckets are getting more than they bargained for – or less, depending on how you look at it. Some of the vessels have a mere two (2) toilets for more than a hundred (100) passengers, and the 350 kilometre voyage across the Mediterranean has already been delayed by 48 hours. With the mercury already climbing to 30 degrees Celsius as summer intensifies, the atmosphere on board must be, well, interesting, to say the least. And they haven’t departed yet.
They call their convoy “Ship to Gaza”. Whichever way you judge it, there’s more than enough reason to replace the “p” with a “t”.
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