Humanitarian flotilla without an ounce of humanity on board

A bunch of marginal, extreme left-wing radicals have managed to dupe governments and private individuals into parting with their hard-earned tax dollars for the purpose of carrying “aid” to the fanatical Hamas regime in Gaza. They call their venture “Free Gaza”.
Watch this film to find out about the Gaza they want to free.

These “humanitarians” flatly refuse to deal with the one proven case of abuse of human rights in Gaza – the four-year incarceration of Israel’s Gilad Schalit who was kidnapped from Israel as a teenager and has been held without access to his family, visits from the Red Cross, legal representation and in total violation of a whole raft of human rights stipulated under the Geneva conventions and backed by the UN, the EU and the Red Cross. Hamas boasts proudly that young Gilad Schalit has not seen sunlight in four years.
Watch the following film clip to see what Hamas is all about.

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To understand what Hamas and its various racist Islamist affiliates stand for and believe in, read the following accounts of what Islamist fanatics did during a mosque service today in Lahore, Pakistan. The attacks took place because the Islamists have decided who is to be accepted as a Muslim, and none other than recognized Muslims may live in a Muslim society: DNA India, JPost, Times of India, Sky News,