Inhuman wrongs

The “Ship to Gaza” activists have finally abandoned all pretence of concern for human rights.
TheShip to Gaza” organizers do not feel that Jews are entitled to human rights, only Muslims are.
As a teenager, Israeli youngster Gilad Schalit was kidnapped from Israel four years ago and has since been illegally held by Hamas without access to family, the Red Cross, visits by the UN, legal representation or medical care. At a direct request from the Schalit family, the “Ship to Gaza” organizers refused point-blank to condition their planned voyage to Gaza on a visit to the young man.
Gilad Schalit is a Jew who was kidnapped and has been illegally held by Hamas these past four years. The “Ship to Gaza” organizers state that their sole concern is to aid Hamas. Hamas is recognized by Israel, the USA, the EU and the Quartet as a terrorist organisation, and its official charter calls for the murder of Jews and the replacement of Israel, the world’s sole Jewish nation, with an Islamic nation – the world’s 53rd.
Further emphasizing the terror-supporting role of the attempt to bust the international blockade against the Hamas terror regime in Gaza, reports are emerging that the departure of the flotilla from Istanbul was attended by a number of key terrorists.
Abraham Cooper writes about some other inconvenient truths that the “Ship to Gaza” terrorism sympathisers are refusing to confront.
Blindness is a terrible affliction.
But Selective Blindness is a truly disturbing ailment.