Three film clips that say it all

The Palestinian Authority (PA for short) is regarded by much of the world as Israel’s partner for peace. In order to secure peace, Israel must do what the Palestinians want, otherwise there will be no peace.
It’s not only the Palestinian Authority president, Holocaust-denier Mahmud Abbas or one of the Palestinians’ two prime ministers, terrorist organisation Fatah’s Salaam Fayyad in Ramallah who says so. The same sentiments are echoed by the Palestinians’ second prime minister, terrorist organisation Hamas’s Ismail Haniyeh in Gaza City. (The Fatah and Hamas factions do not get along and have fought each other with the same ferocity that they normally reserve for killing Jews.) The very same sentiments are also repeated by terrorist organisation Hizbollah’s Hassan Nasrallah in Beirut, Holocaust-denier Mahmud Ahmedinejad in Teheran and American president Hussein Obama in Washington – the man who is more concerned over the fact that a few Jews are extending their bedrooms in Israel’s capital Jerusalem than over the fact that Ahmadinejad is extending his nuclear capabilities in Teheran. A Teheran where democracy and human rights have long ceased to exist under the yoke of Islamist terror.
The Palestinian Authority celebrates Islamist terrorists. Read what analyst Daniel Pipes writes about how this affects and pervades the entire Palestinian-Arab society.
Time now to see with your own eyes what Palestinian Arab Islamists and Jewish Israelis feel about the current situation and their visions of the future.
Watch, and make up your own mind.
Here’s how Palestinian Arabs perceive their history, their place in the world and their future in relation to their Jewish neighbours.
Now watch another clip that demonstrates how Israel’s internationally funded “partner for peace” deals with the issue of peace and neighbourliness:

And here’s how Israelis perceive their history, their place in the world and their future in relation to their Arab neighbours.

Read also the Palestinian Media Watch report on how the official Palestinian Authority media deny Israel’s right to exist.
Take a look at the Palestinian Media Watch report into how hatred is spread via Palestinian Arab schoolbooks.
Professor Barry Rubin writes about how to define victory so there is a chance for a peaceful future.
Former UN ambassador Dr Dore Gold writes about how important it is to define what the conflict is really about and the importance of factual information and accurate language so that one does not cloud the core issues – always the main interest of Palestinian Arab propagandists.