“Peace activists” try to bring down helicopter

First they tried to bring down a helicopter, then they attacked Israeli officers executing a legitimate police action. The “peace activists” did so using knives, metal rods, wooden bats, catapults with heavy glass marbles as ammunition, and finally guns. The “peaceful aid workers” on board the Turkish vessel the Mavi Marmara had stores of weapons ready […]

"Peaceful" reception by Hamas peace-lovers on peaceful cruise

Here’s the video evidence of the “peaceful” way in which the Islamists on board the terrorists’ supply convoy handled the Israeli police action designed to prevent the smuggling of weapons and illegal personnel into Gaza. See for yourself how a member of the Israeli boarding party is viciously beaten before his feet even touch the deck. […]

Propaganda war on the high seas

“Peace” activists carrying “humanitarian aid” turned out to be vicious Islamist-inspired militants and their cargo included guns, knives, metal pipes and rocks – a hundred miles out to sea! – with which to attack the Israel Navy. Read the account of what happened. At no stage was the convoy ever about bringing aid to Palestinian Arabs […]

Humanitarian flotilla without an ounce of humanity on board

A bunch of marginal, extreme left-wing radicals have managed to dupe governments and private individuals into parting with their hard-earned tax dollars for the purpose of carrying “aid” to the fanatical Hamas regime in Gaza. They call their venture “Free Gaza”. Watch this film to find out about the Gaza they want to free. These […]

Inhuman wrongs

The “Ship to Gaza” activists have finally abandoned all pretence of concern for human rights. The “Ship to Gaza” organizers do not feel that Jews are entitled to human rights, only Muslims are. As a teenager, Israeli youngster Gilad Schalit was kidnapped from Israel four years ago and has since been illegally held by Hamas without […]

Gaza: Asses picking on donkeys

Wonder what the RSPCA, ASPCA, PETA, WSPA and all the other animal-rights organizations have to say about the latest Gaza atrocity? While most bleeding-heart pro-Palestinians adjust their blinkers for added comfort and switch off their hearing aids every time Palestinian terrorists – sorry, I mean “brave militants” – slaughter civilian Israeli Jews, every now and again the […]

Cruise to Gaza’s Olympic swimming pool

A few days ago Gaza’s Hamas rulers destroyed a UN summer camp for young children because girls were allowed to attend the camp. The extremist Islamist organisation does not believe that girls are entitled to education or that they should enjoy the same human rights as men do.  Now Swedish, Irish, Turkish and other Islamist […]