Who likes Hamas?

Not the Israelis – here’s how inhumanely Hamas toys with Jewish lives almost four years after the terrorist organisation kidnapped an Israeli teenager, Gilad Schalit, from inside Israel.
Since then the boy has been held incarcerated in an underground bunker without being allowed to see sunlight – an achievement of which Hamas is inordinately proud.
Now Israel’s “partner for peace” (that’s the EU’s terminology) Hamas has made a video showing how the boy is finally sent home – in a coffin. Instead of punishing this macabre, illegal and indescribably barbaric act, the world community continues to insist that we all open our wallets even wider to the Islamist dictatorship in Gaza.

Gilad Schalit has not been allowed any contact with his parents. So it should come as no surprise to learn that the boy has not either been allowed the services of a lawyer – he has not been accused of anything so no lawyer is needed, according to Hamas. All the terrorist organisation wants is to use him for human trafficking. It’s a practice that the civilized world abandoned centuries ago.
Hamas has not accused Gilad Schalit of anything apart from being a Jew – but then it is no more illegal to be a Jew in Israel, from where he was kidnapped, than it is to be a Christian, Bahai’ist or Muslim in the Jewish state. On the other hand, ethnic cleansing of all non-Muslims is the officially stated goal of Hamas in its intended Muslim-only state of Palestine.
Nor has Gilad Schalit been visited by the Red Cross. They have never insisted on their legal right to visit him. The Red Cross has more weighty matters to attend to, such as monitoring the rights of Palestinian Arab mass-murderers and other terrorists in Israeli jails.
The EU is not interested either (the boy has dual Israeli and French citizenship), because the EU is far too busy establishing new ways of diverting massive European tax revenues away from European hospitals and underfinanced schools to Palestinian Arab terrorists in Gaza and Ramallah. It’s not really fair to pick on the EU – this funding of the Palestinian non-productive entity is a major project and they don’t need a Jew to burden their already overworked responsibilities.
So who exactly likes Hamas, if the Israelis do not? The answer must be that the Palestinian Arabs do, right?
Wrong. At least not the Palestinian Arabs living under the Hamas yoke in Gaza – now Hamas is arresting all Palestinians who dare to oppose the Islamist party line.
Visit the following website and read the article entitled “Will Palestinian statehood bring peace?”
Then watch the following video clip courtesy of memritv.org:

But surely Hamas is appreciated by the Palestinian Arabs of Judea and Samaria, the Jewish provinces that the Arabs want to take over to create a second Palestinian Arab state ethnically cleansed of Jews, alongside the Palestinian Arab state of Jordan? The Palestinian Arabs already have a 70 percent population majority in Jordan http://ilyameyer.com/english/tag/jordan/ for the simple reason that Jordanian IS Palestine from both the legal and demographic viewpoints. Surely these Palestinian Arabs like Hamas?
They most emphatically do not. The Palestinian Arabs in Judea and Samaria, an area also known as the “West Bank” following Jordan’s illegal occupation of the area in 1948, like the Gaza Palestinian Arabs as little as they like the Israelis or any other Jews.
But there are in fact some people who really do like Hamas, even if those most affected – Israelis, Gaza Arabs and Judea and Samaria Arabs – do not.
People such as Hussein Obama. That’s the man who sits comfortably far from the strife in Washington. He is nominally the president of the USA but he is behaving increasingly openly as the Islamic world’s spokesperson.
And Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. That’s the man who is feverishly building up a nuclear arsenal and who has doubled his efforts to surround the Jewish state with Scud missiles, Katyusha missiles, Grad missiles and other such deadly “peace harbingers” via his regional puppets, the dictator Bashir al-Assad in Syria, the dictator Hassan Nasrallah in the Lebanon and the dictator Ismail Haniyeh in the Gaza Strip.
And of course there’s one more person who adores Hamas: British MP George Galloway.

The last time George Galloway visited the Middle East he was thrown out of Egypt and ordered never to return. He was deported for sedition.
Hamas is thus in good company.
Meantime, almost four years after being kidnapped from Israel, Gilad Schalit still has no company at all – he is still in solitary confinement deep underground.
And in the meantime, we in the Western world continue to financially and diplomatically support mass-murderers, terrorists, anarchists, anti-democrats and racists via our tax revenues.
These lovely people apparently have a greater need of our money than we do. All 3 billion dollars of it. Every single year. Without even being tasked with releasing a young man from his illegal incarceration as a token of gratitude for the massive handouts.
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