Pro-Palestinian = anti-democratic

Sweden’s infamous “Palestinagrupperna”, a loose-knit organisation of social inepts who embrace far-left communist ideologies and who support some of the worst dictatorships in human history, is now turning its hand to international politics.
Well, only one single aspect of international politics. It has launched a campaign to drum up opinion against Israeli membership of the OECD.
Like the Palestinian national movement itself, Sweden’s Palestinagrupperna is not in favour of anything, it is only against. In this case, against the Jewish state of Israel.
Palestinagrupperna, a combination of wannabees and has-beens not otherwise known for their sense of humour, writes in an enchanting Pidgin English that it is against the Jewish state’s membership in the OECD “due to Israel’s repeated violations of international law and human rights”.
One of the OECD member states is Turkey. Turkey is known for its invasion and continued occupation of Cyprus, its genocide against the Armenians and its systematic mistreatment and mass-murder of the Kurds. Palestinagrupperna sees no problem with Turkish membership in the OECD.
In an interesting development, it turns out that Palestinagrupperna is actually out on a limb here, because among the Palestinian Arabs there is nothing like the sort of support for the Swedish organisation or its masters in Ramallah that one might imagine. On the contrary, the Palestinian Zionist Organisation states quite clearly that it wants no truck with the slave-traders of Gaza or the Ottoman-style corruption of the West Bank. Israel National News reports on the pro-Israel and anti-PA organisation and quotes one of its members, Elias Issa, who says that the planned second Palestinian state in the Jewish provinces of Judea and Samaria, also known as the West Bank following Jordan’s illegal occupation of the territory in 1948, will “become the most terrorist state in the world… The Palestinians don’t believe in a two-state solution; they only believe in a one-state solution – a land called Palestine [which] does not involve any Jewishness“.
For an historic view of the cause of the conflict that Palestinagrupperna simply cannot see but that the rest of the world – including many Palestinian Arabs – understand perfectly, visit the Elder of Ziyon for documented evidence of who did what to whom.
The New Republic has another view of what many in the world see with startling clarity but political charlatans like Hussein Obama seem unable to grasp: pro-Palestinianism and pro-Islamism by definition mean anti-democracy. To be fair to Hussein Obama, however, he may by now fully realise the utter naiveté and inadequacy of his startlingly immature “vision”, but has invested too much of his personal prestige to do the decent thing and pull the plug on his Islamist misadventure. Good job then that there are plenty of Americans who are happy to remind him of the error of his ways.