The view from Scandinavia

In Washington, Hussein Obama is going all-out to impose an anti-Israel solution against Israel.
He envisions peace with something he terms “the Palestinians” as though they are (1) a homogeneous group, (2) an ethnic group distinct from all other Arabs, (3) interested in striking a deal that recognises the rights of their Jewish neighbours and (4) capable of striking and later upholding such a deal.
Looking constantly in the rear-view mirror is no recipe for safe progress into the future – it is vital to lift one’s gaze and look ahead in order to guarantee safety.
Having said that, however, whoever does not glance in the rear-view mirror also knows nothing of the dangers approaching from behind. History has repeatedly taught us that failure to learn from historical mistakes in the past will condemn us to repeat them in the future.
It’s a fine balancing act.
So take a look at the following short clip. After seeing it, you will be better informed than Hussein Obama is. The film will teach you something that many media sources in the West and in the Middle East do their utmost to suppress. It will teach you about the Nazi ideology that historically and to this very day permeates the thinking in the Arab world’s decision-makers.

That was then, this is now:

Embarrassingly, frighteningly, sickeningly similar.
Here in Scandinavia, where Hussein Obama is the absolute darling of the mainstream media, you’ll never find investigative journalism that trains the spotlight on such vicious discourse or that draws historical parallels between then and now. It is simply not part of the anti-Israel agenda that has become so strong an ingredient in the media make-up of this region.
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And tomorrow the Jewish state celebrates its 62nd birthday. It managed the first 62 years without the support of Hussein Obama or the media.
Happy Birthday Israel!