Hamas turns on its own people

Today Hamas executed two Palestinian Arabs by firing squad.
The move was met by strong protests from Palestinian, Israeli and international human rights organisations, which characterised the operation as illicit.
The two men were charged with collaborating with Israel. Hamas has previously executed several Palestinian Arabs charged with collaborating with Fatah, a rival Palestinian Arab gang headed by Holocaust denier President Mahmoud Abbas.
Through massive infusions of international funding aimed at destabilising the Jewish state and undercutting its legitimacy by supporting Arab intransigence, Abbas is kept in power in the Jewish provinces of Judea and Samaria, previously illegally occupied by Jordan from 1948 to 1967, where he hopes to build a second Palestinian state alongside the original Palestinian state of Jordan.
The Gaza Strip is already ethnically cleansed of Jews, and with the latest murder of political opponents of the Islamist regime, Hamas is tightening its grip on the enclave and making clear that it is not only ethnic cleansing of Jews that drives the organisation but also cleansing of all political opposition.
In a comment on the executions reported by Sky News, the Fatah president’s spokesman Ghassan Khatib said that “Executing without approval of the president is illegal and illegitimate”. In other words, the internationally supported Fatah movement of Mahmoud Abbas is not against the execution of political dissidents, it just objects to not being consulted first on the issue. It does not like being sidelined in what it regards as matters of state. Indeed, Fatah has itself executed people it accuses of collaboration with Israel, without going through the expensive and time-consuming process of involving the judiciary.
Read here how both Hamas and Fatah routinely flout the most elementary human rights in their relentless pursuit of political opponents, uniting only sporadically to relentlessly pursue Jews when the opportunity presents itself. Of course, their antipathy to all things Jewish is nothing new and even predates the rebirth of the Jewish state in its homeland in 1948 – read here an excellent presentation by Daniel Pipes about how Nazi anti-Semitism found willing ears in the Arab world.
For telling images of how the Fatah and Hamas gangs view and treat each other, see this graphic TIME photo essay on the subject.
In his comfortable office in Washington, meanwhile, Hussein Obama continues to pursue his dream of enforcing “peace” on the Middle East through the simple expedient of forcing Israel to abdicate its right and ability to defend itself. At the same time, Hussein Obama steadfastly refuses to make any demands on the Palestinian Arabs – whether Fatah or Hamas – or on the wider Arab and Muslim worlds. Read here what Tundra Tabloids has to say on the subject.