The unholy new alliance

There is something deeply disturbing about the image.
The US president, leader of what is frequently touted as the “free world”, echoing the same sentiments as the Islamist incumbent of the Turkish regime.
The current incumbent in the White House, Hussein Obama, commented yesterday on Israel’s purported nuclear programme. He said that the Jewish state, which has been attacked by Muslim states in five major wars in the past 62 years and still has to contend with long-running wars of attrition, should sign up to the same agreements as its aggressors and other states with nuclear weapons. He failed to mention Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal.
At the same time, the leader of the increasingly fanatical Islamist regime in Turkey, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, demands that Iran and Israel be treated equally with regard to their alleged nuclear programmes.
The sentiments and the terminology are remarkably similar, calling into question in which capital White House strategy and statements are actually formulated.
It needs to be noted that the Iranian regime under Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has sworn to “wipe Israel off the face of the earth” and has assured the global Muslim fraternity that Iran can withstand an Israeli nuclear response to Iranian aggression because of the huge disparity in populations, 72 million Iranians versus about 7.5 millions. It matters not a whit to Ahmadinejad, who is a fanatical Shia Muslim, that the Israeli casualties would include one and a half million Muslims – they are merely Sunni Muslims and as such totally worthless and irrelevant.
Interestingly, the otherwise acrimonious Shia-Sunni divide is easily bridged by Shia Iran and Sunni Syria for the Greater Good – the destruction of the world’s only Jewish state to make room for the world’s 23rd Arab and 55th Muslim state. For this reason, Scud missiles have been passing from Syria to Iran’s protégé in the Lebanon, the Hezbollah terrorist organisation under Hassan Nasrallah. Equally large and advanced missiles and weapons systems have been passing to the Taliban-like Hamas in the Gaza Strip.
The aim is to surround the Jewish state with offensive attack capabilities to prevent Israel from taking the necessary steps to safeguard its life, giving Iran sufficient time to complete its nuclear programme, protected by the new-found allies in Ankara and Washington.
Expect a major regional – perhaps world – conflagration before the end of this year. Most likely by the end of this summer.
Truly a new world order, Hussein Obama.
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