Brazening it out

This business of occupation and settlement isn’t all it appears to be.
There’s a whole lot more to it that many countries, national leaders, religious movements and ethnic groups would prefer not to talk about – while they continue to point the finger of blame at the Jewish state of Israel.

(With thanks to Yaakov Kirschen, Israel, who regularly publishes exquisite social and political commentary in cartoon form in the Dry Bones Blog:

But don’t just pick on the USA.

After all, there’s Great Britain and its continued settlement activity in Gibraltar.

Not to mention the Falkland Islands, off the coast of Argentina but 13,000 kilometres away from Britain, with the threat of war to protect continued British settlement rights looming ever closer.

China continues its settlement activity in Tibet. One million Tibetans ethnically cleansed and replaced with ethnic Chinese.

How about Russia’s continued settlement activity in Japan’s Kuril Islands?

Then there’s Iran’s occupation of some of Iraq’s prime oilfields.

And Syria’s de facto continued occupation of Lebanon – now ratified by the USA under Barack Hussein Obama, who has exchanged ambassadors with Damascus to cement his acceptance of Syria’s hegemony.

No list would be complete without mentioning France’s continued occupation and settlement of various overseas territories in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans as well as territory on the South American coast. There are currently more than 2.6 million people living in settlements in these overseas French territories, and their occupation continues. Go shopping in the faraway Caribbean island of St Martin and you will be speaking French and paying in euros – the EU-wide currency that succeeded the French franc.

Of course, no discussion about settlement activity can be complete without spotlighting Turkey’s continued occupation and settlement of Cyprus.

Actually, there you have it. There’s no discussion on any of the above. At all.

There’s only discussion on condemnation of Israel for building 1600 apartments in an area that was never part of any other country in the entire history of the region.

Hypocrisy is too polite a word for it.