The Palestinians want neither Partnership nor Peace

Israel has a partner for peace in the Palestinian Authority (PA).

That’s why a police officer belonging to the PA yesterday murdered an Israeli sitting in his vehicle at the traffic lights by stabbing him in the chest with a knife.

The PA terrorist, whose salary is paid by the EU, whose freedom of movement is protected by the UN, whose weapons are paid for by the Arab states and whose training is provided by the US, was quickly apprehended by a nearby civilian security guard who stopped the fleeing fugitive by bumping into him with his car, stunning the murderer sufficiently to give the guard time to hold him until security personnel arrived and arrested him. The terrorist suffered some bruising in his fall to the ground.
We’re waiting now for the UN Security Council to debate the issue of unlawful use of motorized vehicles by the Zionist State, and for the Arab world to propose a motion to boycott any company and country that sells motor vehicles to Israel.

Don’t laugh at the absurdity of such blatant one-sidedness – it’ll doubtless happen.

In fact, such one-sidedness is occurring right now. There is often serious discussion about the genocide in which 6 million Jews were slaughtered in the Holocaust just a few decades ago. The world promised solemnly “Never again”.

But as Professor Alan Dershowitz underscores in this persuasive video clip, at least another 6 million innocent civilians have been slaughtered in various genocides since that horrific period, almost exclusively in conflicts involving Muslim aggression, usually Muslim on Muslim aggression – and solely because the Arab world has succeeded in drawing our attention away from these horrors by focusing solely on demonizing Israel in the public arena.


The UN has been hijacked, the media have been hijacked, our minds have been hijacked, our aircraft have been hijacked.

And the slaughter continues.

Never again? It’s happening every day.

In the meantime, we turn a blind eye, focusing on how best to penalize the world’s automobile manufacturers for supplying family cars to Jews who might use them to apprehend murderers.

Meantime, here’s some more encouraging news, this time from Israel’s southern border with Gaza. Hamas, Israel’s third Palestinian Arab partners for peace in addition to Jordan and the Palestinian Authority, are not content with engaging in human trafficking on a small scale. Kidnapping and illegally incarcerating Israeli teenager Gilad Schalit for more than three years is not enough, the Islamist regime wishes to replicate the success of this heroic mission by kidnapping more Jews for the honourable Islamist trade in human flesh.

This comes just a few days after the Egyptian Press Syndicate suspended an Egyptian journalist for the crime of speaking to Jews in Israel. The journalist, Mr Hussain Serag, felt that in order to write about Israel it would not be a bad idea to speak to a few Israelis by way of research so he would know what he was writing about. The Egyptian Press Syndicate, however, took a different view, preferring its members to write only about things of which they know nothing.

Makes perfect sense. In Egypt.

Jordan, meantime, is busy withdrawing Jordanian citizenship from thousands of Palestinian Arabs. 70 percent of Jordan’s population consists of Palestinian Arabs, making this country rightfully theirs. The Jordanian monarch’s grandfather ascended to the throne after being transplanted by the British from the sands of Arabia and installed as king over 80 percent of Mandate Palestine, in an artificially created country known as Transjordan, today Jordan.

Now Jordan wants to withdraw citizenship from the people who make up 70 percent of its population. Even the Palestinian Authority is critical of the move, which contradicts their fundamental human rights. However, seeing as the target of their criticism is Muslim, the Palestinian Arabs are very moderate in their choice of words. Just wonder what the wording would be like if Israel floated the idea of withdrawing citizenship from the 20 percent of its population that consists of Arab Muslims and Christians. An absurd idea in the Jewish state, of course, but apparently nothing is too absurd in the Arab world.
Still, don’t hold your breath waiting for this travesty of human rights abuse to be tabled for discussion at the UN, because that would require Arab acquiescence to such a debate. That won’t happen because the world’s 23 Arab states are way too busy vilifying the world’s sole Jewish state and are probably even now looking for ways to prevent the export of automobiles to the Zionist entity.
Israel is truly spoiled in its array of partners for peace.

Interesting link:
CAMERA writes about how Time Magazine dutifully plays its part in vilification of the Jewish state. In this article, the once-reputable publication does not float the idea of boycotting the export of automobiles to Israel – that will possibly come later – but instead demonises the Jewish state for its archaeological digs. Go figure.