Pop-quiz for peace

First there were howls of protest because Jews in Israel dared build a security barrier to shield themselves from maniacal homicide bombers out to kill Jews because they were Jews.

The protesters – the Arabs, the Arabists and the Left – insisted that the problem was that it was not right to build a barrier anywhere that wasn’t an international border.

So they decided the 1949 armistice lines should no longer be referred to as the lines at which five (5) invading Arab Muslim armies were fought to a standstill by Israel. Instead, for reasons of political expediency these lines should be re-christened a “border”. No negotiation required. The Arab mantra was always “we don’t negotiate with Jews”.

Problem: the 1949 armistice lines (the Green Line) were not a border. They never were. Those lines simply showed where the Palestinian Jews, who later became known as the Israelis, managed to stop the combined assault of 5 massive Arab Muslim armies aided and abetted by local Palestinian Arabs, whose sole aim was to slaughter Jews.

Jordan then illegally occupied the West Bank. That occupation led to another war, in 1967. This time Israel managed to evict the Jordanians from Judea and Samaria, which the Jordanians had called the West Bank. Again the Arabs, the Arabists and the Left insisted on a return to the pre-1949 lines – the lines from which the Arabs launched their original attack and that Israel had found indefensible even back then.

Now Israel is proposing to build a barrier along its recognised international border with Egypt, owing to countless infiltrations by maniacial mass-murderers wishing to indulge in the sport of Jew-baiting. Guess what? Howls of protest because Jews in Israel are daring to build a security barrier to shield themselves from maniacal homicide bombers out to kill Jews because they are Jews. Even though this barrier is right on the border.

The situation would be comical were it not so serious. The myrid EU- and US-government-funded NGOs that have made a full-time profession out of Israel-baiting fail to recognise the logical absurdity of their position: they are equally enraged whether Israel builds a barrier on disputed territory as they are that Israel builds a barrier within its own recognised terrority.

They just don’t want Jews defending their right to live. Anywhere.

Just what is it that these Arabs, Arabists and Leftists want?

They want “Palestine”.

To find out what “Palestine” is, do this twenty-step pop-quiz compiled by Daniel Pinner in Arutz Sheva (first part 1 and then part 2). It’ll take you just a few minutes, and at the end of that time you will see the truth and realise the path ahead to peace.

Warning: it may not be the truth or the path you’ve been indoctrinated by the mainstream media to expect.

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