A legal precedent

The Jerusalem Post reports that The European Initiative, a new European pro-Israeli lobby, has filed a lawsuit in Belgium against Hamas leaders from Gaza and Damascus, demanding that they be brought to justice for war crimes.

About time too. The Belgian initiative is a welcome proactive move against terrorism and against support for intransigence, indoctrination, Islamism, fanaticism, extremism and terrorism the world over.

A similar initiative would do wonders in Sweden. Sweden has a history of antagonistic behaviour toward the Jewish state, including breach of contract and the welcoming terrorist Palestinian Arab leaders to its shores, and spends immense sums of taxpayer revenue reinforcing Palestinian Arab intransigence, which in turn promotes continued violence and bloodshed. See here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

Swedish citizens have been the victims of Palestinian Arab terrorism in Israel, and Jewish citizens of Sweden have long been made to pay the price for successive Swedish governments that have signally failed to adopt a firm stance against Islamist-inspired anti-Semitism and extremist Left-wing anti-Zionism. This writer has been on the receiving end of rockets from Islamist terror organisation Hizbullah while in Haifa and Islamist terror organisation Hamas while in Sderot.

A call by the imam of the Grand Mosque in Stockholm to kill Jews as a result of the conflict in the Middle East was ignored by the judiciary and the government.

Repeated gross anti-Semitic allegations by extreme Left-wing tabloid Aftonbladet over unfounded claims of systematic Israeli Army organ trafficking were ignored by the judiciary and the government. Even Britain’s Guardian newspaper, scarcely the Jewish state’s most avid supporter, has the decency to back off from Aftonbladet-esque headlines. Not so Aftonbladet.

Foreign Minister Carl Bildt’s psychotic obsession with the Jewish state has been ignored by the judiciary and the government. He adopted a remarkably aggressive stance on the organ trafficking debacle and then invested the entire resources of his office and his (admittedly fast-dwindling) personal prestige in trying to push the EU to recommend the partitioning of Jerusalem – while at the same time celebrating the reunification of Berlin…

Every year, Sweden diverts vast sums of money from its state coffers, routing these funds away from Swedish schools, Swedish hospitals, Swedish jobs, Swedish infrastructure, even the well-being of Swedish children, and instead using these hard-earned resources for non-transparent, under-the-table foreign-policy strategies via a host of shady NGOs such as SIDA, Diakonia, Forum Syd, ISM, the Swedish Church and so on – all with the aim of subverting the Jewish state. It is a parallel foreign policy about which few Swedes know anything – for the simple reason that it is filed as charity and is therefore virtually invisible. The point is that this pursuit of an invisible and parallel foreign policy is ignored by the judiciary and the government because it is waged privately from the Swedish foreign ministry, albeit with VERY public funding.

Time therefore for a proactive Swedish initiative along the same lines. If you have the funding and/or the expertise to help in this matter, get in touch.

It’s time to put things right in Sweden. The vast majority of Swedes are fed up to the gills with having their already shaky finances abused, their enviable and highly deserved reputation trashed and their energy exploited by shady individuals with murky agendas whose sole merit is that they are in powerful places, whether in the media or in public office.

Rescue Sweden. Before an entire nation is hijacked. It’s been done many times before.