An illiterate Foreign Minster?

Is Sweden’s Foreign Minister Carl Bildt illiterate?

Or can he actually read and write, and it’s just his thought processes that are muddled?

Richard Goldstone recently published a scathing report that heavily criticised Israel for its 30-day operation in Gaza in January this year. Remarkably, however, the report failed to take make mention of the 2920 days of constant missile bombardment that emanated from civilian areas of Gaza, aimed at civilian areas of Israel.

Over 12,000 missiles in all.

None of which Richard Goldstone seems to have noted.

Now Sweden’s FM Bildt says he supports the Goldstone Report’s claims that war crimes were committed by Israel in its month-long response to eight years of missile bombardment.

A spokesman for the Israeli Foreign Ministry expressed disappointment over Bildt’s statement, saying his remarks demonstrated a “lack of reading comprehension skills,” since any literate person could see the report was biased.

Carl Bildt, with impeccable clarity and swashbuckling literary style, commented:

It really is so that this report has made a significant and gives a significant imprint and leaves a significant impression in the respective countries.”

Ah well. If only he’d said so before.

No chance of any misunderstanding, then.

Sweden goes to the elections next year. That’s a whole year in which Carl Bildt can bring moral, ethical and linguistic clarity to the world.

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