From the sublime to the ridiculous

But which is which?

The Jerusalem Post reports that rumours are spreading like wildfire throughout the Arab and Muslim worlds. They allege an Israeli and Jewish organ trafficking ring led by one or more rabbis is harvesting organs from Algerian children and exporting them to Israel and the US. No evidence is offered in support of the claims, but the story is gaining traction throughout large swathes of the Arab and Muslim worlds. The story originated in the Muslim state of Algeria.

It follows similarly anti-Semitic, equally un-researched and totally unsubstantiated claims by a newspaper in another Muslim state, Sweden, where extremist left-wing tabloid Aftonbladet last month published a tirade about Jewish and Israeli organ trafficking.

That’s on the one hand.

On the other hand we have the Israeli take on these accusations. A rather healthy take that helps put everything into perspective. The perspective of ridicule.

If you understand Hebrew and/or English, watch the following video. If you prefer Swedish, watch the version below this one:



From the sublime to the ridiculous. Ridicule is a really healthy medicine. Like the swine flu vaccine, however, there just doesn’t seem to be enough of it around.

Maybe the film clip will address that shortcoming.

I’m proposing it for a Golden Globe Award.

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