Open season on Jews

Just ask Swedish left-wing tabloid Aftonbladet: in New Jersey in the US a scandal recently broke regarding a number of city officers, businesspeople and private citizens allegedly trafficking in human organs.

The anti-Semitic Swedish daily Aftonbladet did not write an exposé about Americans trafficking in human organs. Nor about the corruption of power – after all several NJ city officials are alleged to have been involved. Neither did the paper write about the callous greed of rich businesspeople looking to make a fast buck through the trade in human organs.

No, the only point the jackbooted brigade at Aftonbladet picked up on was that some of the people involved are Jews.

Having trained the spotlight on the fact Jews were involved, author Donald Boström then went on to write in the same article about his suspicions – unproven, uncontested and unconfirmed, let alone patently absurd – that Israel has a special military force tasked with shooting young Palestinian Arabs on the West Bank and then taking them away for their organs to be harvested.

Now read the following account of how he draws that conclusion:

“I was [present] during the interview that night, I was a witness. It concerns me to the extent that I want it to be investigated,” Bostrom told the station. “But whether it’s true or not I have no idea, I have no clue.”

Boström maintains he is not a card-carrying anti-Semite. His boss at Aftonbladet’s cultural affairs page (!) – where this callous blood-libel was published – is Åsa Linderborg. She defends Boström’s article to the hilt. She too believes it is OK to make allegations without substance, and to demonise entire groups. But she is cautious not to demonise China, which after 50 years has yet to withdraw from Tibet. Nor does she criticise Mugabe for destroying a country that was once the corn-basket of all Africa. Neither does she make allegations of paedophilia against Hamas which arranges marriages between grown men and girls as young as 7 or 8. And she does not take issue with human rights abuses in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt or Burma for fear of causing offence.

She runs an unusual cultural affairs page, does Åsa Linderborg.

So in the same vein, here’s an article I’d like her to publish in Aftonbladet:

The world is in the grip of a disease that is threatening entire societies, a disease that is tearing apart the very fabric of social cohesion and causing moral values to disintegrate.

That disease is drug abuse. I have seen children as young as 11 or 12 buying and selling drugs on the streets of London. Drugs are freely available in many parts of Gothenburg, Sweden, where I live – peddled by schoolchildren but supplied by callous, money-grubbing adults.

These drugs originate largely – although by no means exclusively – from the Arab and Muslim world. Foremost among these sources is Afghanistan, with the Lebanon ranking high as a major supplier.

The Muslim Taliban in Afghanistan profit hugely in this disgusting trade in human misery. The Muslim Hizbollah in the Lebanon likewise profit handsomely, financing their wars and terror campaigns with the proceeds of drugs that are debilitating entire societies.

If like Aftonbladet we discount all the other involved parties such as the Colombian and the Burmese drug barons and focus solely on one scapegoat, it is easy to see that it is Islam and the Arab world that are behind the depravity that is the drug trade. It is Arab and Islamic drugs that are financing everything from bombing campaigns against civilians in Iraq to the rapid deconstruction of civilization throughout the Western world. Since Aftonbladet refuses to publish articles on the subject, the tabloid is guilty of aiding and abetting the illegal drugs trade. A trade that is destroying entire societies.

I may or may not be able to substantiate any of the above, but hey, I’d like Aftonbladet and official representatives of Islam and the entire Arab world to defend themselves against the allegations. The facts, after all, speak for themselves.

Watch this space tomorrow, because then I’ll be laying a charge of officially sanctioned paedophilia against all of Christianity because of the crimes of individual Catholic clergymen. And on Saturday I’ll be lambasting black people all over the world because of the horrific crimes carried out by Idi Amin and Robert Mugabe. While on Sunday it’ll be time to haul all Chinamen everywhere over the coals – who can forget the terror that Mao Tse Tong inflicted on millions of people?

And on Monday I’ll be applying for a job at Aftonbladet. Who knows, maybe the post of Cultural Affairs Editor will be vacant by then…

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