Revolutionary movements that can't seem to pass a motion

Our partners for peace the Fatah Palestinians under the secular Holocaust denier President Mahmud Abbas are having trouble with their partners in government, the Palestinians under the religious Sunni Hamas, who propose the right of return of Palestinian Arabs to lands they never lived in, from Arab lands that have consistently denied them citizenship and elementary human rights. The Sunni Hamas also propose the enforced right of return of all Israeli Jews to countries to which their forefathers trace their roots after their forced removal over the centuries from the land of their origin – Israel. It’s a move otherwise known as ethnic cleansing.

The Sunni Hamas are in turn aided by the Shiite Iranians, some of whose military personnel were arrested in Gaza by Fatah last Thursday on charges of military subversion. The Iranians of course are the people whose president Mahmud Ahmadinejad infamously joined the deafening chorus of other Islamic states in denying the right of Israel to exist, at the same time going one step further by calling for the Jewish state’s destruction and replacement by yet another Islamic state. This at the same time as Teheran hosted a Holocaust-denial conference and ratcheted up its program of nuclear armament.

Meanwhile, Fatah and Hamas are having difficulty agreeing on just about anything apart from the need to kill Jews. So much so, that Hamas on Thursday attacked a Fatah supply convoy containing toilets for the brave Fatah bottoms. Fatah, fighting valiantly, managed to maintain a firm military hold of the convoy’s supplies of toilet paper. Bringing the Palestinian national “movement” to a complete standstill.

So it’s a case of the Palestinians continuing to be unable to work together to pass even a single “motion”…

This is Palestinian society in the year 2007. Europe pays for the toilet paper, Fatah transports it, Hamas hijacks it and, as with its nuclear program, Iran is only in the game to “diversify its energy resources” by capitalizing on this new source of pent-up Palestinian very natural gas.

Some of the world’s best comedy is unfolding before our eyes. We in the West are already paying the ensemble through our noses for the show, billions of dollars over the years. Of course, the other cost of this unending black comedy is not in dollars but in lives – Palestinian, Israeli and Lebanese. While Iran continues its search for thespian perfection on the Middle Eastern stage.