Blundering Swedish naivete

Swedes as a nation are not anti-Semitic.

But they are frighteningly naïve, with a love of ready-packaged solutions so they don’t have to get their hands dirty working out details, and with a penchant for being told what to think.

They love the underdog, which they choose from an all-black and all-white palette. Above all, Swedes have an instinctive distaste for conflict.

All of which explains why given the current climate in the country, the Swedish govt. will continue to sideline Israel while protesting its affection for her.

And here is the current climate in a nutshell – all events of the past 30 days:

1. Swedish Chancellor of Justice says Muslim calls in Stockholm mosque to “kill the Jews” are OK, since there is a conflict a few thousand km away in the Middle East.

2. Swedish Minister of Justice grants visas to Hamas, although Sweden has branded Hamas a terror organisation. The explanation? “An organisation may be terrorist, but not all its members.” Think hard about that one…

3. Swedish PM withdraws from European peacekeeping exercises – feels it is better NOT to train life-saving missions with 7 partners than to train with 1 partner with whom Sweden has never trained before.

4. The Muslim Council of Sweden demands legislation to enshrine sharia law for the country’s Muslims.

5. There are 400,000 Muslims in Sweden. There are 16,000 Jews in Sweden.

6. National elections will be held in September this year, and the current govt. is trailing in the polls. Draw your own conclusions.