British MP singles out Israel for criticism

British MP Gerald Kaufman, commenting on the death of ISM militant Tim Hurndall during a provocative action in a Palestinian terrorist battle against the IDF two years ago, demands that the accused Israelis should be “put … before an international war crimes tribunal. If the Israelis don’t agree … then I think we have got to consider economic sanctions against Israel”.

It would be interesting to gauge MP Kaufman’s reaction were Brazil to request the extradition of the British policeman who put several bullets into the head of a young Brazilian civilian last year whose crime was to run for a train in London at a time when terrorist activities had reached a climax.

It would be equally interesting to observe the response should Brazil demand that Britain be subjected to international economic sanctions.

Primitive Israel-bashing
MP Kaufmann is not concerned with “justice” but rather with run-of-the-mill Israel-bashing. At the time of the tragic killing in London, that city was under threat in a terror-war scenario, but there were and are no demands for a war crimes tribunal against Britain’s security services.

Interestingly, MP Kaufman is not on record as demanding a war crimes tribunal or economic sanctions for crimes committed by Palestinian Authority security officers on Israeli and European civilians, including lynching of Israeli soldiers or Hamas’ execution at point-blank range of Israeli mother Tali Hatuel and her four young daughters, the youngest a mere few months old, while they were strapped into the child seats of their car. They got a bullet each to the head from a distance of one metre. Hamas now runs the Palestinian government. It’s a worrying silence on MP Kaufman’s part.

Kaufman is simply another proponent of one rule for Israel and another for everyone else.